244. Preaching and Rescuing the World from Calamities


1 All Church members are emissaries. You should understand your duties. The current missions are to preach and rescue the world from calamities. To preach is to spread God’s great Dao of the universe.

1 天帝教同奮都是使者,要懂得應該負的責任。現在的使命就是救劫弘教。弘教就是傳布 上帝宇宙大道。

2 Have a clear understanding of this era and strive continuously for the two temporal missions. You reap what you have sowed. Your striving will add blessings to your life and will also help you cultivate conferred spirit(s). My fellow strivers: strive and continue to strive.

2 要認清時代,為兩個時代使命不斷奮鬥下去。一分耕耘自然有一分收穫,在後天既可增加福報,先天又可培養封靈。同奮們要奮鬥!再奮鬥!

The Founding Hall, April 24, 1988