250. Preaching and Missionary Work Are All about Spreading God’s Teachings


1 The “Dao” that we preach is referring to God’s true Dao of the universe, namely, the eternal truths. If preachers of the church can commit themselves to sacrifice as full-time pastors they, then, represent me, the First Master Emissary, in each Church Hall, to preach God’s teaching. They shoulder the responsibility of world-saving and preaching and leading the strivers of the entire church to strive together.

1 傳道之「道」,乃指天帝之宇宙真道,是永恆不變的真理。傳道使者如能專心專職犧牲奉獻,成為開導師,即是代表我(首席使者)駐在每一個教院,行使 上帝的教化,負起救劫弘教的責任,帶領全院同奮共同奮鬥。

2 The missionary work we do is to “teach” what God has started: educating the creatures He created at the beginning of the universe. Now we are at the onset of the End Time of the Third Epoch and there are all sorts of religions in the human world.

2 傳教之「教」,為 上帝創造宇宙同時立教垂統之教化。現在是三期末劫的開始,人間教派千門萬戶。

3 As such, we must first go through the Phases of Onset, Purification, Leveling, Spring, and Abundance of the End Time of the Third Epoch, and finally go into the Phase of Unity where the world can be unified, where there is equality between humans and the deities, and where the “all religions will all return to the only source.”

3 必須經過三期末劫的行、清、平、春、康五劫,最後進入同劫,才能世界大同、天人大同、萬教歸一。

4 Missionaries have the responsibility to spread God’s teachings to usher true peace on Earth.

4 傳教使者有責任傳播 上帝的教化,促進世界人類真正和平的來臨。

5 The eternal truth that is pursued in the Lord of Universe Church is the great Dao of the universe. All beings of the universe must accept the teachings from God. All beings must follow the laws of nature in order to exist in the big universe, the broad space.

5 宇宙大道是永恆不變的真理,宇宙的萬性萬靈都必須接受 上帝的教化,遵守大宇宙的自然法則,才能生存於大宇宙之中。

6 What the book, Doctrine of the Mean, says: “What Heaven has conferred is called Nature; in accordance with this nature is the Path of duty [Dao]; the regulation of this path is called Instruction.” This is to say that everyone needs to receive guidance. One must follow that which is natural as the requirements for existence in order to grow and live.

6 《中庸》所謂「天命之謂性,率性之謂道,修道之謂教」,即是人人要接受指導,依天生之性發展、生活,才能合乎生存條件。

7 In our modern society, the principles of existence can be summed up as ethics, democracy, and science. In all, these are the teachings of God.

7 在現代的社會環境,生存的原則歸納為倫理、民主、科學,總括來說,就是 上帝的教化。

8 Humans are highly intelligent. They have the perseverance to cultivate the Dao, and their Dao mindset is particularly firm. How to adapt to the great Dao of the universe depends solely upon teaching, so that people will not deviate from their nature or live their lives outside of the laws of nature.

8 人類在宇宙中智慧特別高,修道的毅力與道心特別堅定。如何適應宇宙大道,端賴教化,使人之本性不離此一宇宙自然法則的範圍修行與生活。

9 Hence, the Lord of Universe Church must preach God’s Dao and also do missionary work. We preach God’s eternal truth while doing the missionary work in each Chapel and Hall at the same time. They may appear to be two separate things and yet, in reality, they are one.

9 所以,天帝教既要傳道也要傳教,要傳教就必須傳道。一面站在 上帝宇宙大道永恆真理的立場,一面在各地教院傳布 上帝的教化,表面上是分工,實際上道與教合而為一。

The Third Teachers and High Level Church Officers Class, July 31, 1991