267. Introducing the Lord of Universe Church to Persons of Affinity when Opportunities Arise


1 [You must] cultivate the Dao, endeavor in the Anthro-Celestial Study, and at the same time face reality. This is because we are here not only to attend to our virtues in solitude but also to expand and make the entire world virtuous as well, and we are going to introduce the Church to persons of affinity.

1 一面修道,一面研究天人之學、一面要面對現實。因為我們不單是要獨善其身,還要出去兼善天下,還要去度人啊!

2 As long as there are opportunities, we will go to any country in the world to meet those people of affinity. We must have this mindset and embrace it.

2 世界上任何一個國家,只要隨緣有機會,我們都要去度。要有這個心胸、這個懷抱才可以。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, October 6, 1992