246. Being a Church Staff Member Is Doing the Actual Work of Saving the World and Its People


1 Strivers are holocaust-rescuing missionaries. You shoulder the missions of holocaust-rescuing and preaching. Based on our church organization system, each of you has a designated position for holocaust- rescuing and preaching work.

1 同奮都是救劫使者,在本地球負起救劫弘教的使命。根據教院組織系統,各人有各人的崗位,這個崗位就是救劫弘教的崗位。

2 In order to give everyone an opportunity to be involved, each Church Hall and Chapel sets up positions for preaching work so that most preaching officers could be directly involved in the work of saving the world and its people.

2 為了使大家都有參與的機會,弘教組織各級教院設了這許多教職,是為使大多數弘教幹部有機會參與救世救人的實際工作。

3 Once a Chapel or a Hall is operational, church staff members can assume different duties, based on their personal talents and specialties. Submit your commitment form to the nonphysical force in the luminorium and vow that you will accept the mission of saving the world and rescuing people from calamities. This is a very noble and honorable job.

3 每一個教院成立以後,根據個人的專長擔任不同的教職工作,同時上光殿頂表宣誓,接受救劫弘教的工作崗位。這是一個非常崇高、非常榮譽的工作。

4 The Church Doctrine has clearly defined all church duties. Nonetheless, some who accepted positions did not know exactly what to do. Only when one becomes fully involved in his work can one really know what his duties are and fulfill them.

4 教綱上對每一個教職職掌規定得很清楚,但仍然有同奮接受教職之後,不明白這個教職應該去做甚麼工作。只有真正參與,才能夠了解自己職務上應該做的事,才能算是盡了心,盡到自己的責任。

5 When he looks within himself and knows that he did not perform his duties, he also knows that he did not earn any merits. He can resign from his duties and be pardoned by the Church and by the nonphysical side as long as his conscience is clear and it is beyond his ability to earn a living, care for his family and attend to his career while holding the responsibility of being a preacher.

5 如果自己內心檢討,實際上沒有盡到責任,沒有功德可言,可是只要問心無愧,的確是為了生活、家庭、事業,對教職不能兼顧,可以自動請辭,天上人間都可以原諒。

6 Yet, some strivers hold such positions which they fail to fulfill and yet refuse to resign from those duties. By refusing to resign, they are blocking missionary work opportunities for latecomers.

6 但是有些既不負責,又不辭職,徒擁虛名的教職同奮,將使得後來的同奮沒有機會參與弘教幹部的教職工作。

Church Staff In-Service Training Workshop, June 24, 1989