254. Going Forward; Charging Forward


1 Go forward. I have never flinched. Never have I looked back. I never look back. I only look forward, charging forward as if in a battle.

1 我一向勇往直前,沒有退縮過啊!我沒有往後面看。我從來不往後看,只往前,勇猛精進,等於作戰一樣。

2 I have dedicated my whole life to the Church with striving and sacrifices. I only look forward and never look back. I never planned for myself or for my family.

2 我一生為教犧牲奮鬥,就是只往前看,沒有往後看過,沒有為自己打算過,沒有為我一家家人打算過。

3 As I have always said, I am just a messenger of God, delivering God’s orders, like a “soldier” in the military who must obey his orders without question. There is no room for selfish consideration, and a soldier must put his own life or death aside.

3 我一直講,自己是 上帝的傳令兵,傳達 上帝的命令。今天是首席使者,傳令兵的頭兒。因為「兵」是軍人,要絕對服從命令,沒有考慮自己的餘地,生死要置之腦後。

4 Before I moved to Mount Hua back in those days, I was God’s messenger, I never thought about myself. Since the revival of the Lord of Universe Church, I adapted the spirit of dedicating myself to God, and the creed “not looking for what one can gain, not seeking one’s own blessings,” that all strivers must follow. This idea rooted from my personal striving spirit in those days.

4 我當年上華山以前,就是 上帝的傳令兵,沒有為自己考慮過。天帝教復興以後,首先我把自己當年奉獻給 上帝的精神,做為天帝教同奮共同遵守的信條-「不為自己打算、不求個人福報」。這都是從我個人當年奮鬥的精神而來。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 9, 1991