271. Being Content with One’s Own Fortune; Obeying the Law


1 Back in the years when I moved to Mount Hua, I was determined to “be content with my fortune and obey the law.” I kept that same mindset until the revival of the Lord of Universe Church.

1 我當年上華山就抱定「隨分守法」,一直到天帝教復興還是一樣。

2 The Lord of Universe Church has no conflicts of interest with anyone, whether favors or grudges and it has no conflicts with any religions. Religion is nonpartisan.

2 天帝教與任何人無利害衝突,無恩無怨,與任何宗教也沒有衝突。宗教是超黨派的。

3 Our two temporal missions are: (1) to avert and dispel nuclear holocaust, and (2) to secure the safety of the lives and property of the twenty million people that live in Taiwan.

3 我們兩大時代使命,第一為化延核戰毀滅浩劫,第二為確保台灣兩千萬同胞生命財產安全。

4 Asking to secure the safety of the lives and property of twenty million people is to ask for the safety and prosperity of Taiwan. We only ask for the stability of Taiwan and the safekeeping of our old roots. Only when we still have our old roots can both sides of the Strait be unified in peace one day.

4 我們要求確保兩千萬同胞生命財產的安全,主要就是求台灣安定繁榮。要求台灣安定,求確保這個老根,因為有這個老根兩岸才能真正和平統一。

My heavenly mandates (Talk # 11), June 23, 1993