242. Loving Our Country and Loving Our Family Are Unquestionable Moral Truths


1 Regardless where the Lord of Universe Church expands to, the disciples of that country should not forget their roots. Loving one’s own country is regarded as an unquestionable moral truth.

1 天帝教不論發展到那一個國家,都要那個國家的教徒不忘根本,要愛自己的國家。這是天經地義的事。

2 Religious believers must have a conscience. They should love their own countries. Even though the Lord of Universe Church does not get involved in politics, every citizen should recognize the concept that “every person is responsible for the rise and fall of his own country,” and should care about its future.

2 宗教徒一定要有良心,要愛自己的國家。儘管天帝教不談政治,但要知道,每一個國民都應有「國家興亡,匹夫有責」的觀念,對國家前途不能不關心!

The Founding Hall, August, 1987