276. Becoming the Master of Your Own Life and Time


1 Everybody needs to know that heaven and the human world have different values. Worldly people value wealth whereas the spiritual world values merits, virtues, and the achievements of Dao cultivation (i.e. effort in quiet sitting).

1 大家要知道,天上人間的價值觀念不同。人間物質世界重財富,精神世界以功德、道行(靜坐功夫)為重。

2 Life is short. We cannot control time. No matter how much wealth one has, he cannot buy life. The only way is to deposit his wealth in heaven. This wealth is merits, virtues, and the cultivation of the Dao. To learn quiet sitting is to learn to be in control of your life and your time.

2 人生苦短,時間無法掌握,多少財富也買不到生命。惟一的辦法就是能將財富儲存在天上。這個財富是功德與道行。學習靜坐就要學習掌握生命、時間。

The Los Angeles Principal Hall, June 25, 1994