270. The Required Courses of the Lord of Universe Church


1 The Anthro-Celestial Research College does not meet the requirements of the nonphysical realm as it has not developed its roots! These roots are the Church doctrine, the Church Charter, the Mindfulness of the Highest Heaven Method, Church History, and the Sacred Messages. Because you did not study these five subjects, you overlooked them. As a result, we could not produce any excellent preachers, and our church education system must be considered a failure.

1 天人研究學院並不符合天上的要求,因為它沒有根!教義、教綱、昊天心法、教史、聖訓,這五門是根。大家沒有研究這五門功課,忽略它們了,所以教育是失敗的,大家不能成為傑出的弘教人才。

2 Church education must meet the needs of practical preaching. These five subjects are the roots of the Church and shall remain unchanged forever. Even as times change and trends vary, these five subjects of the Church shall remain the same.

2 教育是要針對實際弘教的需要。這個根-五門功課永久不變。時代在變,潮流在變,天帝教這五門功課不變。

3 As stated above, the first one is the Church Doctrine, the second is Church Charter, the third is the “Mindfulness of the Highest Heaven Method,” the fourth is Church History, and the fifth is the Sacred Messages. Now we are adding one more subject: “the Complete Guide of the Nonphysical Cosmic Organizations.” These six subjects are now the required courses of the Lord of Universe Church.

3 第一是教義。第二是教綱。第三是昊天心法。第四是教史。第五是聖訓。現在再加一門「無形宇宙組織總成」,一共六門。這些是天帝教的必修課程。

My heavenly mandates (Talk #9), May 12, 1993