268. Preaching Requires Sermonizing First; Sermonizing Requires Cultivating the Dao First

二六八、弘教先要傳道 傳道先要修道

1 The Lord of Universe Church preaches and at the same time works on saving the world from holocausts. To preach God’s teachings, we must sermonize first. Before we sermonize, we must first and foremost cultivate the Dao, in order to groom a group of true preachers. We are here to save the world from holocausts, redeem the world, and rescue all the living beings of this world. The Lord of Universe Church, in other words, is a church that walks into every fabric of people’s lives.

1 天帝教是一面要救劫、一面要弘教。弘教首先要傳道,要傳道就要修道,要培養一批真正的弘教幹部。我們要救劫、救世,拯救天下蒼生,因此天帝教是入世的宗教。

2 To embrace the knowledge of the information age we must keep up with the times. At the same time, we need to restore what was old and emulate the spirit of traditional religious practice of cultivating the Dao.

2 我們一面要迎新,迎接資訊時代的知識;一面要復古,效法傳統宗教修道的精神。

3 Our Church is here to preach the great Dao of the universe. When we study the great Dao, we are practicing the “Mindfulness of the Highest Heaven Method.”

3 天帝教是要來傳布宇宙大道。大家來研究宇宙大道,就是來修昊天心法。

4 What we study is the knowledge of the future and knowledge of what is innate. We study primarily the exclusive and special knowledge of the Church.

4 研究是要研究未來的知識、先天的知識,主要是研究天帝教獨有的、特殊的知識。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College, November 10, 1992