247. Healing the Mind Using Cosmic Qi Requires Joint Effort of Heaven and Humanity


1 The purpose of spiritual healing (now called Cosmic Qi Healing) is to heal the mind. If the healer-strivers do not possess merits or their own attainment of Dao cultivation is insufficient, what grounds do they have to claim that the problems others may have are caused by their karmic obstacles?

1 精神療理(天人炁功)的目的在診心。如果施治的同奮自己功德、道行不夠,憑什麼判斷別人有冤孽、業障?

2 As long as you can teach receivers of this healing work how to use the Twenty Watchwords as their “Code of Life,” their tangled mind can be untangled, and the healing performed will become effective. Once they have been initiated into the church, you can advise them to chant the two Orisons frequently and let them strive with their own lives. The results would be even more profound.

2 只要能以廿字真言教人,作為人生守則,使病人心結打開,自然有效。他們皈師以後,可以勸導他們多唸兩誥,讓他們自己去奮鬥,更為有效。

3 Once committed, those who take part in the Cosmic Qi Healing work must follow a regular routine in their daily living; that is, doing the five cardinal disciplines. Only by doing so can they channel power from the nonphysical force. Without it, their efforts will be in vain.

3 參與精神療理(天人炁功)工作的同奮,既然發心參與,自己本身的生活一定要有規律。天天要做五門功課,才可接上無形中的靈力,否則徒然熱心。

4 One cannot receive power from the nonphysical force without having a regular schedule or without sufficient righteous qi, as the nonphysical force cannot help you or work with you otherwise. Spiritual Healing (Cosmic Qi Healing) requires the cooperation between heaven and humanity.

4 本身生活沒有規律,正氣不足,不容易接受無形中的靈力,無形也愛莫能助,無法配合。精神療理(天人炁功)主要靠天上人間共同配合。

Spiritual Healing Meeting, October 25, 1990