265. Expanding the Lord of Universe Church Is a Personal Responsibility


1 The revival of the Lord of Universe Church is requiring all members to stand proudly between heaven and earth, and make expanding the Lord of Universe Church throughout the world their personal responsibility. Think: “who else should go but me”? All of you strivers, males and females alike, must have this attitude.

1 天帝教復興,就是要大家頂天立地,以普化天帝教為己任,捨我其誰。要有這種氣概,不論是男同奮、還是是女同奮。

2 Female strivers, in addition to this attitude, should also have a strong and firm spirit, make big vows, and have great aspirations.

2 女同奮也要有這種氣概,氣要壯,要發大願、立大志。

3 You already have a heavenly mandate. Think that “what other people cannot do, I can and will do.” Heavenly mandate falls on those who have a strong and firm spirit and falls on those who do not look for personal gains.

3 天命已加在你們身上。要想人家不能做的,我來做。天命就是要加在有大氣磅礡的人的身上,加在不為自己打算的人的身上。

4 As long as strivers make big vows and have great aspirations and are not looking for personal gain or seeking personal blessings, we can take the Church to the entire world. “Being consistent from beginning to end” means our hearts shall remain unchanged.

4 同奮要不為自己打算、不求個人福報,能夠立大志、發大願,那就可以普化全世界。要貫徹始終,就是一心不變!

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, March 6, 1992