241. Striving with Real Actions


1 The completion of the Quiet Sitting Class does not mean you are done with quiet sitting, and that you do not need to do it or chant the Orisons any more. Rather, it is the beginning of another phase of striving. During the Quiet Sitting Class, you were preparing yourself physically and mentally for a long-term and a tougher goal of striving.

1 靜坐班同奮結訓後,不是就此結束,就不必再打坐了,也不必再誦誥奮鬥了,而是另一個奮鬥階段的起點。只是在靜坐班受訓期間,做好身體的調適與心理建設,是為了長遠更艱鉅的奮鬥目標作準備。

2 Striving cannot be done with empty words. It requires real actions. Contributing your strength, your mind [ideas], and your money are real actions in building the foundation of preaching and missionary work in the church.

2 奮鬥不是空談,要以實際行動作後盾。出力、出心、出錢,都要有具體表現,為弘教事業紮基礎。

3 Striving is not a slogan. There is a price to pay. It requires us to sacrifice and to contribute. Only when we sacrifice our spiritual and physical bodies can it be looked upon as true striving.

3 奮鬥不是一個口號,要付出代價,要犧牲奉獻,犧牲靈體、肉體,才算真誠奮鬥。

Fellowship Meeting at the Tianran Chapel, February 12, 1987