277. Strivers’ Awareness of Hardships; Fulfilling Heavenly Mandate and Worldly Obligations

二七七、同奮要有憂患意識 遵天命行人道

1 Strivers of the Lord of Universe Church join the Church for the sake of receiving God’s teachings, and completing the two major missions. Whatever you do, you have to follow the heavenly mandates and fulfill your worldly obligations.

1 天帝教同奮都是接受 上帝的教化,為了完成兩大使命而來。一切要遵天命、行人道。

2 Firstly, the most important thing is to have a grateful heart. We are thankful to God for saving all the living beings of this world. We are thankful to God for His mercy in averting and dispelling the destructive nuclear holocausts. We are grateful to God for His mercy in securing Taiwan.

2 最重要的要有感恩的心,感謝 上帝拯救天下蒼生、化延世界核子戰爭毀滅浩劫的大恩大德。感謝 上帝確保台灣的恩德。

3 The key lies in keeping both sides of the Taiwan Strait safe without internal disorders and no war raging from and to either side, so that one shared ideology can be reached to form one China, and true peaceful unification can be achieved on both sides of the Strait. This is truly the real heavenly mandate, the will of heaven and the desire of humanity.

3 關鍵在使台灣海峽兩岸都不發生內亂,兩岸之間也不發生戰爭,達到一個主義、一個中國,兩岸才能真正和平統一。這是真正的天意人願,真正的天命。

4 With a grateful heart, we pray to God to work his wonders so that the final goal of the two major temporal missions can be achieved.

4 我們要以感恩的心,祈禱哀求 上帝妙現神通,早日達到兩大時代使命的最後目標。

5 Secondly, strivers must have an awareness of possible hardships. The mission of the Lord of Universe Church is to save the world from holocausts. All strivers should care about major events that take place in the world and in their own countries.

5 其次要有憂患意識。天帝教是救劫的宗教。天帝教的同奮都應該關心天下大事,關心國家大事。

6 Strivers of the Church are all world-saving missionaries, and all have the mission of saving the world from calamities, and saving their own countries and people. They should be leaders in changing people’s hearts and saving them with religious righteous force. As such, people can escape from the End Time of the Third Epoch holocausts and use their intelligence to explore the universe and to discover the mysteries of the universe. The ultimate goals of equality of the sacred and the mundane, and equality between humanity and heaven can finally be attained.

6 天帝教的同奮都是救劫使者,都有救劫救世、救國救人的使命。要能領導時代,以宗教的正氣力量改變人心、拯救人心,使最後人人都可以逃過這場空前的三期末劫。將人類的聰明才智放在向大宇宙進軍,探討宇宙奧秘,達到天帝教聖凡平等、天人大同的終極目標。

The Second Chinese Original Quiet Sitting U.S. Special Training Class, July 10, 1994