275. God’s Teaching Is Omnipresent


1 When I came to the Los Angeles Principal Hall for the new building inauguration ceremony, I wrote a couplet which says:

1 此次來主持洛杉磯教院新廈落成啟用典禮,親自撰寫了一幅對聯:

2 “The Dao [of the universe] created the nonphysical beings and the physical beings; both embrace and give thanks to God’s teachings. The universe is at God’s mercy; the universe is indebted to God’s creation.”

2 「道化天人天人同慶教化,德恩宇宙宇宙咸賴帝恩。」

3 God created the universe. On any planet where intelligent beings are found, God’s teachings and blessings are also found. Humans, as intelligent beings, possess jing, qi, and shen, which can bring their potential to its fullest. That is why there is an expression that says: “It is rare to be born as a human being.”

3 上帝創造宇宙。大宇宙中凡有智慧生物的星球都有 上帝的教化,都受到 上帝的恩澤。人是智慧生物中具有精、氣、神三寶者,最能發揮潛能,所以說「人身難得」。

The Los Angeles Principal Hall, June 25, 1994