257. Heavenly Mandate Is Our Calling


1 I have said this openly before: the so-called heavenly mandate is what was written about in the Book of Documents: “Heaven sees as my people see, Heaven hears as my people hear [the voice of the people is the voice of God].” It means viewing what the people want at any given time as the people see it. It also means meeting public demands.

1 我曾公開說明過,所謂天命,即是《書經》上的「天視自我民視,天聽自我民聽」的意思。以現代語來說,就是順應時代自然的需要,合乎大眾一致要求的意思。

2 To know your heavenly mandate is to know your calling, to know why you came to this world. The purpose of coming to this life is to fulfill your calling.

2 知天命就是知道自己的使命,為什麼到人間來走一遭,就是要來了天命。

3 Let me tell you this: all strivers have heavenly mandates. The role of a holocaust- rescuing missionary is one that we all have in common. The main thing is how you are going to carry out and fulfill your calling.

3 我告訴大家,我們的同奮都有天命,救劫使者這個天命是共同的。就是看你怎麼去實行和完成這個天命!

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 30, 1991