256. Good Ending to Life Means Easy Return to Heaven


1 What have the Chinese been cultivating for in the past several thousand years? They cultivate for the final minute they have on Earth. They want to be able to go back home along the same route at the moment of dying, at the instant when their spirits leave their bodies. This means that they wish for their lives to have a ‘good ending’ so that they can return easily to heaven.

1 中國人幾千年來修什麼?就是修最後這一剎那,在死的時候,靈魂離開肉體這一剎那,能夠仍舊從原來的路回家。就是希望能得到善終,好好地回天。

2 I wish all strivers of the Lord of Universe Church will have a good ending to their lives; however, some strivers are not willing to strive. They not only do not strive, but also slander when they are outside of the Church. This is the biggest taboo.

2 我希望天帝教的同奮都能善終,但是有些同奮自己不肯奮鬥。不單是不奮鬥,還在外面毀謗,這是最最犯忌的事。

3 People who can have a good ending to lives must also have a clear conscience, have righteous qi, or have cultivated during their lives on Earth. They can return to heaven naturally through the Gate of Heaven.

3 能善終的人一定是平時心地光明,有正氣的人,或是有修持的人,自自然然從天門就原路回家。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 23, 1991