238. The Origin of All Beings


1 Everyone has a mother. This is where life begins and how it is propagated. Looking at the beginning of life, there must be a mother, who is the mother of all human beings on Earth.

1 每一個人都有母親,由此衍演繁生。推源窮根,也就是一開始,必然有一個母親,那就是人類的母親,地球人類的母親。

2 There are other humanlike beings on other planets. Though they may have different forms, they share the same origin as we do, and born by the same mother. That mother is the mother of the Earth and also the Mother of the Universe.

2 在其他的星球上有與地球人類同樣的人類,可能只是形體不同,而其來源則是一樣,是由一位母親所生。那位母親也是地球人類的母親,就是宇宙老母。

3 The Mother of the Universe gave life to heaven and earth and all beings. She not only created the physical universe, but also the nonphysical universe. As we celebrate Mother’s Day to express our gratitude to our mothers, we should also thank the mother of all human beings, the Mother of the Universe. The one we call in the Lord of Universe Church, the innate Birthless Holy Mother, is the Mother of the Universe.

3 宇宙老母生天、生地、生萬物,不但創造有形的宇宙,更創造無形的宇宙。我們慶祝母親節,感念自己的母親之偉大恩情,更應該感謝宇宙老母,即天帝教 先天無生聖母。

4 When the Birthless Holy Mother created the universe, she also created all beings and scattered them in the big universe. Humans are a part of all beings. After the task of creating life was completed, she handed the task of managing the universe to the Supreme Lord of Mystic Skies, the Ruler of the Universe [whom we call God, in short].

4 無生聖母創造了宇宙之後,又創造了萬性萬靈,散布在這個大宇宙,而人類就是萬性萬靈的一分子。 無生聖母在完成整個宇宙的塑造任務之後,便將宇宙交給宇宙主宰 玄穹高上帝來統御管理。

5 God regulates the universe with laws of nature and His raynon [a specific high form of energy], guides each and every planet to keep them from colliding, derailing or falling, so that all of creation could be nurtured and life could continue.

5 上帝以大自然的規律與本身的鐳調和各星球,使之不致碰撞、脫軌或墜落,使之生生不息,滋養各個星球上的萬性萬靈。

6 If any particular planet is running into a crisis of destruction, it is not according to God’s will, but it is brought upon by its own inhabitants. This is true to the saying: “when heaven sends calamities down, there is hope of weathering them; when men bring them upon themselves, there is no hope of escape.”

6 如果某個星球面臨被毀滅的危機,那不是 上帝的意願,而是那個星球上的性靈自己製造的。誠所謂「天作孽,猶可違;自作孽,不可活」。

Celebration Party on Mother’s Day, May 12, 1985