253. Incarnating on Earth for Major Actions of Significant Cause


1 The divine beings, saints, and perfected beings in heaven were ordained to incarnate on Earth in order to save people from holocausts. This is a major action of significant cause. They must find families that have pure background, families that have done good deeds and accumulated virtues for generations. This is the prerequisite for immortals, sages, and perfected beings to incarnate.

1 仙佛聖真奉命投胎到地球上來救劫,是一件大事。必須要找到一個家世清白、歷代都能行善積德的家庭。這是仙佛聖真倒裝下凡的基本條件。

2 They want to find an ordinary family, one that remained educated for generations, or an honest business family that has always done business fairly, and whose family members have been willing to sacrifice themselves in order to help others. It is this kind of family that the divine beings, saints, and perfected beings in heaven are willing to be born into.

2 必須是一個平民化的家庭,世代是書香門第,或是老老實實做生意的人家。唯有規規矩矩,世代不變,肯犧牲自己幫助別人的家庭,仙佛聖真才能倒裝到他家。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 9, 1991