243. Joining Hands in Rescuing the World from Holocausts


1 Members of the Lord of Universe Church come from different religious backgrounds. Do not forget the roots of your own beliefs after you have been initiated to this Church. Keep up your original religious beliefs.

1 天帝教教徒大都來自不同信仰,參加天帝教之後,都不要忘了根本,還要信仰原來的宗教。

2 Even though the end of the world is approaching, all past efforts from all religions will vanish. Prophets of each religion were sent down to Earth by God to set up different religions, based on environment, race, and the needs of the time. They had done all that they could have.

2 儘管今天世界末日快要臨頭,過去所有宗教的努力都將落空,但是所有宗教創始的先知先覺,當年都是奉 上帝之命到地球上來,在不同地區、不同民族,針對當時的時代環境需要而創不同的宗教,都盡了祂們的責任。

3 Religious followers at later times did not show the spirit of their religious hierarch. They had forgotten the troubles their hierarch had taken to rescue the world and its people. The Lord of Universe Church was revived based on the needs of the time. Hence, we have to unite all religious forces and join hands to rescue the world from holocausts.

3 後世教徒沒有發揮當年教主創教的精神,忘了當年教主到人間救世救人的苦心。天帝教針對當前環境需要而來,一定要團結所有宗教力量,共同來挽救當前的浩劫。

4 Members of the Church must know this. Not only should they not reject other religions but also they should help unite all religions into one force. Members of the Lord of Universe Church can still keep their original religious faiths.

4 因此,天帝教同奮一定要了解,不但不可排斥各宗教,還要團結各宗教的力量。天帝教的教徒仍舊可以信仰原來的宗教。

5 Our Church does not fight to win members from other religions. Rather, it comes to unite all forces to rescue the five billion people.

5 天帝教不和別的宗教爭教徒,而是來團結所有力量,希望搶救世界上五十億人類。

6 I believe all members of our Church did not join our Church for their own sake. They were compelled by spiritual means. Each one of you is a God’s holocaust- rescuing missionary. Each one of you is a person of affinity.

6 相信全教同奮都不是為自己個人來參加天帝教的,都是經無形力量的媒壓。大家都是 上帝的救劫使者,都是原人。

The US Preaching Officers Training Class, October 3, 1987