259. Understanding the Workings of Heaven and Following Its Dao


1 It is imperative to groom a group of superb preachers to spread the words of the great Dao of the universe in order to save the people of the world, and to preach to all people on Earth, not just to a few.

1 要救天下的人,傳道給天下的人,不是為少數人打算,是要培養一批 上帝的弘教傑出幹部,去傳布 上帝的宇宙大道。

2 We have to be saved first before we can save anyone else; thus we can achieve our goal of uniting heaven and humanity. We have to think for most people and for this age. The destiny of this age has come to the End Time of the Third Epoch. To save the majority of the people, we must understand the workings of heaven and follow its Dao.

2 自己必須要先得救,才能救人,才可以達成天人合一的願望啊!一定要為大多數人設想,為這一個時代設想。這一個時代氣運已走到三期末劫了。我們要救大多數的人,我們要體天行道。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 31, 1991