251. Educational Training: Equal Opportunity for All


1 Everyone has his own career and his own job to do. To accommodate the general public, and in meeting the needs of the Church, our goals of training and education are the same: that everyone is equal and that no one is discriminated against.

1 大家都有事業,都有工作。為了遷就社會大眾,我們的訓練目的和教育目的,都是一律平等,有教無類。

2 We do not take people’s educational background into consideration. Everyone has an equal opportunity to become part of the striving group in the Lord of Universe Church. Every one of you is a person of affinity, and each one of you is considered equal in the eyes of God.

2 我們不考慮大家的學識,給大家機會來參與天帝教的奮鬥行列,因為大家都是原人,在 上帝的心目中一律平等。

3 All of you had the same qualifications before you came to this world. Everyone came into this life form through the union of your father’s sperm and your mother’s egg. You all are persons of affinity.

3 大家先天都有同等條件,後天都是由父精母血而來,都是原人。

4 It is because you cultivated through many eons and had already proven the Dao that we could find your engendered spirits and bring them back by way of our Quiet Sitting Classes. The main goal is to ask you to join the group to help save the world from calamities at the End Time of the Third Epoch.

4 經過多少世的修煉,證道以後,才能在此藉靜坐班訓練的機會把大家的原靈找回來,才能合體。主要的目的就是要搶救三期末劫。

The Anthro-Celestial Research College, October 1, 1991