Based on the above chapters dealing with a natural view of matter, the formation of varied types of matter within celestial bodies and the evolution from minerals and plants to advanced animals are natural transformations by matter, not initiated by any supernatural principles. Thus the argument in “Part Two” of this book is mainly an explanation of a new sort of natural science, for further study and elaboration by the contemporaries. The content of “Part Three” touches on supernatural phenomena and discusses the nature of divinity and mankind’s prospects. But this is an effort to expound cosmic truth from a scientific perspective; in no way does it try to enhance its persuasiveness through fantastical arguments. Thus it is entitled “A Human View of Spirit”. Its aim is to establish a new sort of spiritual science, to illumine the true Tao of the cosmos. Such a true Tao, which harmonizes mind and matter as oneness with dual functions, produces a myriad phenomena. These proceed from the synthesis of contraries in a relativistic situation. The basic meaning is to seek their harmony through persistent overcoming of disorder and return to righteousness.