Section 3 : Strive with Nature

第三節 向自然奮鬥

  To strive with Nature is to create a civilization for humanity that attains to the realm of truth. Nature’s power ranges from vortical winds above and gravity below to storms, lightning, volcanoes, earthquakes and obstructing mountains and seas here on earth. There is no time and place that the natural world does not limit and pose harm to human beings. Up to the present mankind has been unable to overcome it. Deities and buddhas, exalted though they may be, are ceaselessly striving with nature. Only by conquering nature can we fully develop the lively possibilities of spirit. At present humans are busy with their murderous attacks, their mutual pillaging, not knowing that nature is truly the enemy. If their energy for mutual destruction could be shifted to strive with the natural world, this would be getting close to the Tao. Nature is mankind’s common enemy. It must be overcome and reined in, before it will let our human civilization be remade as something higher. It is that can make the ideal of great unity come true. Therefore he who can strive with nature is a true hero!