Section 2 : Strive toward Heaven

第二節 向天奮鬥

  To strive toward Heaven is to strive with spiritual beings, to call on the Heavenly Realm to let one be on an equal footing. In life be an upright, decent human being, so that after death one can be an upright, decent spirit. Objective attainments that rely only on one’s merit and not on spiritual cultivation are the realm of freed spirit. To befriend immortals and buddhas above; to turn wholeheartedly towards goodness; to establish one’s virtue in the world and widely save beings without number; at death’s verge to draw down harmonizing force and transcend to Heaven’s environs–this is the realm of the sacred. To rely on one’s own pure karma, temper one’s practice to vajra indestructibility, strive arduously to reach the stage of equality on one’s own–this is the realm of immortals and buddhas. A person living in this world must harbor great enduring will and boundless vows to pursue eternal life. Only this is sufficient to escape the travail of reincarnation, to extricate oneself from the predicament of sin and hasten the manifesting of cosmic truth for later ages–only an upstanding person does this!