Section 4 : Strive within Oneself

第四節 向自己奮鬥

  Striving within the self is an endeavor to break free of the influences from the human body’s e-tropons. No human is without e-tropons. Without e-tropons there would be no physical body. But this body concatenated out of e-tropons is blind, compulsive, ignorant, and unrestrained. Therefore people must utilize the power of harmonons to restrain, guide and govern them. Only this will put them on the path of true goodness, so they may be instruments for striving with nature and toward Heaven. Then they will value and restrain themselves; they will be confident and strive toward the ideal. If even one’s own body cannot be controlled but does one harm instead, this is a victory of e-tropons over the harmonon. Such a person is finished. Therefore, if one intends to strive with Heaven and nature, first one must strive within oneself to lay the foundation. This is what Confucians call cultivating sagehood by rectifying the mind and making the will sincere.


  As a result of striving within the self, one proceeds to establish merit and virtue, and leave behind lasting words. One strives to make humanity evolve, and work for the survival of all. It is imperative that one should look first to one’s own survival, and then to the survival of the many. The stepping stones of betterment will be living peacefully and striving to save not only one’s country and people, but also the world and mankind. Be constructively self-reliant and optimistic in one’s strivings. Cast out the combative mentality of mutual slaughter and aggressive war; re-conceive an expanded domain of survival. Each person has his own station of endeavor, but all are warriors of truth, bound by aims of conquering vast space. These lines were written in tribute to them:


  Look, another spiral harmony system is disintegrating!
  Kings of many lands are writhing in struggle.
  Do not be lord and ruler in this present world.
  Be universal champion throughout all space.
  Strive onward! Strive!