Section 5 : The Ideal of Three Unities for the Third Era

第五節 第三紀時三同之理想

  From the two above realizations (the Third Theory of Godhood, the Equality of Sacred and Mundane), and the three pathways of striving, humans can gradually enter the domain of great unity. What we call great unity also includes three phases: At the furthest limit it is unity of the cosmos, not of this pebble-like Earth. Thus great unity will be carried out in three stages: these are “unity of the sacred and mundane”, “world unity”, and “unity of Heaven and man”. “Unity of sacred and mundane” means that every person will have a sagely spiritual practice worthy of comparison with immortals and buddhas. “World unity” means unity among people. The ultimate ideal, however, is unity of Heaven and man. At such time human spiritual practice will have attained the equalization of the sacred and mundane. Once the is world unity, there will be increased capability to strive with nature. The sole aim of all scientific discoveries will be pursuit of truth, and intermediaries in the spirit realm will give additional help. Of course this will bring communication of Heaven with mankind nearer. As communication between mankind and Heaven grows daily more frequent, truth will become daily more apparent, till unity of the whole cosmos is completed. This can be termed the Third Era of mankind’s religious culture, coming after the arcane First Era and the deified Second Era. The religious culture of the Third Era will have something of mechanistic (the workings of Nature). When that time comes, by operating a machine we will see the marching of millions of soldiers, or we can sit and converse with ancestors from thousands of years ago. What enjoyment could rival this?