Appendix 7: The Spirit of the Lord of Universe Church

as embossed on the wall at the Tianji Traveling Palace


1 . Main Ideas:
Emulate God’s love for life. Love your own family, your own people and all other people, and then love all other living beings.

1 一、中心思想:

2 . Temporal Missions:
(1) Strivers must not look for their own gain and not seek their own blessings. They should follow the Code of Life and conscientiously cultivate righteous qi.

(2)  Pray and chant the Orisons to avert, postpone or defuse world nuclear holocausts. Strive for the reunification of China under the Three Principles of the People.

(3)  Call on the people of the world to return to basic morals so they can renew their spirits and save themselves.

2 二、時代使命:



3 . Striving Goals:
(1) Our striving objectives are equality of ethnic groups, religious unity, world unity and making the universe our home.

(2) Our ultimate striving goals are achieving equality between mundane and sacred and union between heaven and men.

3 三、奮鬥目標:


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Mr. Li Yujie, “the old man who embraces stillness,” was born in 1901 in Suzhou, China. His remarkable life was a miniature of modern Chinese history, having witnessed and survived the May Fourth Movement, Northern Expedition, the Xi’an Incident, the wars between the Nationalists and Communists and the political changes in Taiwan. Since his arrival in Taiwan in 1949 he ran the Independence Evening Post, founded the R.O.C. Religious Philosophy Association, the R.O.C. Red Heart Society, Jizhong Education Foundation and the R.O.C. Lord of Universe Church Society.

He left his secure government job and moved with his family to the remote White Cloud Peak on Mt. Hua to learn and understand the meaning of life and the universe. Seven years after his arrival on the mountain, to the time of his death, he studied the union between heaven and man, and cultivated a “perfected body of raynon qi (chi).” He was initiated into the Tiende Religion in his thirties, and committed himself to cultivating and preaching the Dao, teaching Chinese Original Quiet Sitting, which he had practiced since he was young, and, most importantly, to reviving the Lord of Universe Church in Taiwan, becoming its First Master Emissary. He remained faithful to his calling until his death at the age of 94.

The Teachings of Master Hanjing is a compilation of extracts from his speeches, manuscripts, letters, and diaries.