Appendix 1: Strivers Mottos


1 I. All strivers should:
(1) Give up selfish thoughts and keep moral principles in mind.
(2) Correct themselves, transform others, be friendly to others, keep upright and reflect and repent every morning and night.
(3) Join hearts together to pray for all living beings of the world and for averting nuclear holocaust.

1 一、凡我同奮應

2 II. The three essentials are Faith, Vows, and Deeds, to which strivers should adhere.

2 二、同奮「信」「願」「行」三要

3 Faith: to have absolute faith in God, the Supreme Lord of Mystic Skies, the Ruler of the Universe.

3 信-絕對信賴 宇宙主宰玄穹高上帝。

4 Vows: to avert or dispel nuclear holocaust, to save all living beings of the world, to bring about unification of China under the Three Principles of the People, so that Mainland compatriots can enjoy democracy, freedom, prosperity and affluence.

4 願-化延核戰毀滅浩劫,以拯救天下蒼生,並促使三民主義早日統一中國,使大陸同胞同享民主、自由、繁榮、富足。

5 Deeds: not to look for what one can gain but for what one is willing to sacrifice or be committed to, pressing on to cultivate righteous qi, and do the four cardinal disciplines day and night.

5 行-不為自己打算,切實犧牲奉獻,加緊培養正氣,早晚力行四門基本修證功課。

6 If strivers could put this into practice, keep themselves proper and upright and transform others, then everyone in Taiwan can survive an unprecedented nuclear holocaust.

6 同奮如能切實力行,正己化人,則台灣寶島人人必可度過核戰空前浩劫。