Appendix 4: Quotes about Striving


1 The evil hearts of people that cannot be saved and their insatiable desires lead to crises and human destruction.

1 永不滿足的慾望,無法挽救的險惡人心,是人類毀滅危機的因由。

2 Strivers should bear the responsibility of “inheriting from past generations and carrying on for the future.” The future of the Lord of Universe Church is on your shoulders. You should work hard for the everlastingness of the Church.

2 同奮應該負起承先啟後的責任。天帝教的未來,都落在各位同奮的肩上。同奮應為天帝教的千秋萬世而努力。

3 We do what we should do quietly, according to our conscience. I hope all strivers can strive in harmony with one another, for the sake of our future and that of future generations.

3 我們只憑良心,默默的做我們應該做的事。希望同奮大家為自己前途,為子子孫孫的前途,團結和諧地奮鬥。

4 The striving spirit of all strivers of the Lord of Universe Church must never end. We need to continue to strive, continue to cultivate, continue to contribute ourselves, and sacrifice more. As long as the crises of nuclear wars are not eliminated, we have to continue our striving without stopping.

4 凡是天帝教同奮要知道,奮鬥精神是永遠不能結束的。我們要奮鬥再奮鬥!修煉再修煉!奉獻再奉獻!犧牲再犧牲。只要人類核戰危機一日不除,我們就要始終不渝的奮鬥下去。