Appendix 5: Quotes about Quiet Immersion


1 When external affinities do not enter and internal affinities do not arise, or when you are not moved by emotional desires, your primal qi will not be harmed.

1 外緣不入,內緣不生,不為情欲所動,就不會損傷自己的元氣。

2 The everyday mind is the un-agitated mind. The un-agitated mind is not stirred up by sensations or hopes for profit.

2 平常心就是不動心,不動心就是不對聲色貨利動心。

3 You must restrain the dissipated mind and stop delusive thoughts, if you are to reach the heights of quiet sitting: no mind and no thoughts.

3 要能收放心、止妄念,才能達到靜坐之最高境界-無心無念。

4 To cultivate the Dao is to temper and turn our worldly human mind to the Dao mindset, which possesses nothing.

4 煉心的功夫,是要把什麼都有的凡心,煉到什麼都無的道心。

5 Quiet sitting is a means to overcome our worldly mind and enhance our spiritual cultivation. This is what it takes to be pure in mind and temperate in desire.

5 透過靜坐克制凡心,加強精神修養,才能清心寡慾。

6 Use proper thoughts to govern the tumults of delusive and confused thoughts. From there, move onward to the stage of no- thoughts.

6 以正念收攝紛紛擾擾的妄想雜念,進而達到無念之境界。

7 Only when there is “no mind, no thoughts” can your own spirit-yang qi be activated and connected with God’s prefect spirit-yang Qi. The innate Qi and the acquired qi together embrace and interfuse, in a process that returns to its origin, casting out yin qi with each cycle. This tempering gives rise to pure yang Qi [in the body].

7 無心無念才能發動自身的真氣,接上 上帝的靈陽真炁,使之氣炁抱合激盪,循行復始,排除陰氣,煉就純陽真炁。

8 Be broad-minded and tolerate others by embracing resentments from all directions. Otherwise, you cannot make space for a Qi Embryo.

8 要心胸寬闊,能容忍,包容天地間的怨氣,才能安氣胎。

9 Confucians “rectify the mind and make the will sincere.” Buddhists “see into their original nature.” Daoists “temper the mind and nature.” The Lord of Universe Church teaches “directly cultivating the great empty Dao of the highest heaven, which is a natural, non-purposive mindfulness.”

9 儒家「正心誠意」,佛家「明心見性」,道家「煉心煉性」,天帝教是「直修昊天虛無大道自然無為心法」。

10 The natural, non-purposive mindfulness method requires that we “let everything go, put everything down, dwell on nothing; put all thoughts down, think of nothing, focus on nothing.”

10 自然無為心法:一切放下,放下一切,心無所住;一切不想,不想一切,心無所注。

11 The natural, non-purposive mindfulness method “seeks substance in emptiness” and “truth in nonbeing.”

11 自然無為心法即是要在虛中求實,無中求真。

12 The natural, non-purposive mindfulness method emulates the movements of heavenly bodies and the revolutions of planets. It allows everything to flow according to its natural course.

12 自然無為心法即是效法天體之運行、星球之運轉,一切自自然然。

13 The natural, non-purposive mindfulness method does not resort to the slightest artificial power or intention. It lets the mind and body be, and lets nature take its course.

13 自然無為心法即是不加絲毫人為的力量與意念,身心放鬆聽其自然。

14 While practicing quiet sitting, keep your mind “at the edge of sleep, yet not asleep; at the edge of waking, yet not awake,” with your entire body relaxed, you then enter a state in which the myriad thoughts are void and where “one spirit shines constantly.” This is the acme reached by a natural, non- purposive mindfulness for cultivating the great empty Dao of the highest heaven.

14 在靜坐時,要經常保持將睡未睡、似覺不覺、全身放鬆、一靈常照的心理狀態。這是昊天虛無大道自然無為心法的最高境界。

15 The natural, non-purposive way of direct cultivation of the great empty Dao of the highest heaven is the highest of high roads. It is a true teaching from God.

15 直修昊天虛無大道自然無為心法,是真正的通了天了,是 上帝的真傳。

16 It is most important for every Dao cultivator to ignore their age and their self but to strive and sacrifice ceaselessly.

16 每個修道人,最重要的就是忘年,不計春秋,不斷的犧牲奮鬥。

17 What matters the most to a person’s wellbeing is the tempering of the jing, qi, and shen through quiet sitting.

17 只有靜坐才能鍛煉精、氣、神,並對切身利害有最大關係。