Preface to the Second Chinese Edition of the Teachings of Master Hanjing


The first edition of the Teachings of Master Hanjing was a compilation of the Reverend Master Teacher’s manuscripts and the lectures that were given before 1988, which was the initial stage of the Church revival on Earth.


From 1989 to 1994, before the Reverend Master Teacher proved the Dao, there were a large number of manuscripts, recordings of his teachings, personal letters, such as his diaries and family letters, and his spiritual talks, which were given at the Anthro-Celestial Research College and the Anthro-Celestial Cultivation College.


Many of his valuable teachings were adopted and compiled, then combined with the original edition of the Teachings of Master Hanjing, as an awakening aphorism for the world. This book serves as the Church’s Bible and should be read by all strivers.


The original book was divided into four parts: Cultivation, Meditation, Striving and Heavenly Mandate. The new edition is also divided into four parts: Rescuing the World from Holocausts, Preaching, Daily Living, and Cultivating the Dao.


This book reiterates what the Reverend Master Teacher had taught us: “while rescuing the world from holocausts, we simultaneously preach, live our daily lives and cultivate the Dao.” His teachings serve as the guidelines for our spiritual pathway [which is why this book is arranged as it is].


The Reverend Master Teacher was a great teacher for physical and nonphysical beings alike. This book serves as a valuable vessel for teaching physical and nonphysical beings about rescuing the world from holocausts, preaching, daily living and cultivating the Dao. It is our wish that those who read this book can fully embrace it, carry out what the Master Teacher has taught, understand the content at a core level and reach a harmonious sacred realm where “equality of the sacred and the mundane, and unity of heaven and humanity” are a reality.


This edition was prepared with the utmost respect and reverence.


The Ultimate Hall
October, 2004