About Li Yujie Hanjing Laoren, the Master Teacher


Hanjing Laoren, 1901 – 1994.


Mr. Li Yujie gave himself a Dao title, Hanjing Laoren [“the old man who embraces stillness”.]


He received a heavenly mandate to revive the Lord of Universe Church in Taiwan and was ordained as the First Master Emissary of the Church on Earth. Fellow strivers [disciples] addressed him respectfully as the Reverend Master Teacher [a modified title, “Master Teacher”, was used after the Reverend Master Teacher had proven the Dao.]

奉 上帝詔命,復興天帝教於台灣。為天帝教駐人間首任首席使者,天帝教同奮尊稱為本師世尊。

He has been practicing “Chinese Original Quiet Sitting” his entire life, since his twenties. He continued his cultivation living like a hermit in the deep cloud area of Dashangfang of Mount Hua (ancient name Xiyue, as one of the five famous mountains in China), pondering the cosmic life path.


After he moved to Taiwan, he led the Independence Evening Post and the R.O.C. [Republic of China] Religious Philosophy Association. He founded the R.O.C. Red Heart Society and the R.O.C. Lord of Universe Church Society. He authored “A New Realm”, “Voices of Heaven, Words of Man”, and “Poems of the Pristine Realm”.

渡海來台, 先後辦有自立晚報、中華民國宗教哲學研究社,成立中華民國紅心字會、中華天帝教總會。著有《新境界》、《天聲人語》、《清虛集》。