Preface to the English-Chinese Edition of the Teachings of Master Hanjing


The first Chinese edition of the Teachings of Master Hanjing was published in December 1988 and was highly treasured by the strivers of the Lord of Universe Church. Since it did not fully express Master Teacher’s spirit of holocaust-rescuing and world-saving, the Church expanded the collection of his teachings. The second edition was published in October 2004 and it is the source of this translation.

《師語》原中文版於民國 77 年 12 月出版後,天帝教同奮喜獲至寶,認真奉讀。唯該書尚未能盡將師尊救劫、救世的悲天憫人之精神內涵,全部呈現,故現在又擴大收錄師尊的各類言論,並於民國93年10月出版《師語》新版。是書即為此中英對照版的基礎。

In order to improve the fluency and synchronicity of the English translation, it was necessary to make few minor editing changes in the Chinese version.


Until now the teachings of Master Teacher Li have been followed mostly by Chinese readers. It is our intent that this translation will enable English readers to know his spirit and embrace his teachings so they, too, may follow his footsteps on the path to cultivating the Dao and saving the world.


October, 2015

民國 104 年 10 月