第九講 靜坐的自然反應

1 There are several physical natural reactions that can take place after a certain period of quiet sitting. There is no need to be alarmed. They are all normal occurrences.

1 靜坐一段時間後,必然身體會有一些自然反應。各位不必緊張疑懼,這些都是正常現象。

2 I would like to explain some of those physical reactions for your information.

2 茲就身體上的一些反應說明如後,提供大家參考。

3 (1) Reactions Involving the Legs: Physical reactions affecting the legs are common.

3 一、腿部的反應:靜坐時,生理上必然有反應。

4 The initial reactions are numbness, swelling and aches and pains. Some say that crossing the legs in the lotus position constricts the blood vessels. This, to some extent, could become a factor.

4 坐時最先反應的是兩腿發麻、發脹、發酸、發痛。有人講那是因為兩腿盤著,壓住血管,這多少是個因素。

5 The main reason is that the qi process is being initiated internally. The qi- and-blood cannot flow smoothly through the muscles and blood vessels.

5 主要的是生理上的氣機在裡面發動。氣血在筋脈、血管之間,不能暢通流行。

6 If this feels unbearable, simply extend and relax your legs until the feeling returns to normal and then cross your legs again.

6 如果感到不能容忍,只須輕鬆放開兩腿,慢慢地就會恢復正常,然後再坐。

7 (2) Reactions Involving Kidney Functions: These reactions appear the quickest among the kidneys of sexually-compromised[36] adults.

7 二、腎臟機能的反應:已經破體的成年人腎臟機能反應最快。

8 This is because qi processes are being initiated internally and are moving naturally. All the unresolved kidney problems are still concealed in the body.

8 因為氣機在內部發動,自然而然的運行。於是本來腎臟有病沒有斷根,仍然蘊藏在體內。

9 With the natural circulation of qi that is brought on by quiet sitting, there may be a relapse of latent conditions, such as impaired functions of the kidneys, [37] nocturnal emission and premature ejaculation. Before and after sitting involuntary erections could also occur.

9 一經靜坐,宿疾便會復發,譬如:腎虧、遺精、早洩等。坐前坐後且有陽舉的現象。

10 Females with kidney weakness may experience conditions such as leucorrhea or low back pain. Among these, nocturnal emission is most serious.

10 女人若有腎病則有白帶、腰疼等現象發生。而以遺精最嚴重。

11 Should this happen, pay particular attention to your health. It is best not to sit for a while. Stop for a few days before resuming. If it recurs, stop sitting again and then resume.

11 發時要特別注意,最好暫時不坐,停幾天再坐。再發則再停、再坐。

12 If males or females have kidney related problems at this stage, it is absolutely necessary to cease sexual activity. With time, the latent illness will be eliminated naturally.

12 惟無論男女,在此階段,務須絕對斷絕性行為。最後自會斷根。

13 (3) Reactions Involving Reproductive Functions: The body of a virgin youth shows the quickest response, with male’s erections occurring before and after sitting. In females, the uterus constricts or convulses, and the breasts swell.

13 三、生殖機能的反應:童貞之體反應最快,坐前或坐後有陽舉現象。女人子宮收縮、震動、乳房發脹。

14 Whether the physical changes in this period relate to reproductive function or kidney function, it is imperative not to be psychologically obsessed with sex. At the same time, it is imperative to avoid sexual intercourse.

14 這時期無論是生殖機能或腎臟機能的生理上發生變化,心理上絕對不能有性慾的衝動。同時絕對避免性行為。

15 Ordinary fellows who practice quiet sitting have quite a hard time getting past this hurdle. When things get to the stage where one “envies pairs of mating ducks, but doesn’t envy immortals,” then one’s efforts will be thrown away, and the physical effects will be deleterious.

15 一般學習靜坐的凡夫,極難逃過此一大關。到了「只羨鴛鴦不羨仙」的階段,不但全功盡棄,生理上還有極大的妨礙;

16 If this happens when you practice at a deeper level, your very own life will be at stake and you run the risk of developing mania.

16 如果功夫再深一點,還有性命關係,將要發狂。

17 I speak of this ahead of time, in the hope that all of you will be forewarned. Perhaps, those of you who are in good health, your qi process will start up faster.

17 我今天提早講,希望各位提早注意。也許身體好的氣機發動快一點。

18 The qi process might start changing as early as around the 49th day. For those whose qi starts working slower, it might not begin before the 100th day.

18 四十九天左右就會發動、起變化,氣機發動慢一點的,多則一百天左右。

19 (4) Reactions Involving Back and Shoulders: At a certain point during your sitting, you may feel like a board is being pressed against the back of your shoulders. You would feel that the qi is holding you up. This may cause an achy, swollen feeling.

19 四、肩背的反應:在兩個肩膀後面的地方,靜坐達到某階段,好像有板子壓住,氣頂著、脹痛等等感覺。

20 At the same time there could be some unpleasant nerve spasms in the back, or sensations of hot and cold.

20 並有背部神經抽縮等難受現象、或冷或熱。

21 These are results of the movement of qi going up the Governing Channel in the back. These reactions are less serious than reactions involving kidney or reproductive functions. Do not be concerned. You should allow it to take its course.

21 這些原因是氣機從後面督脈上昇的必然現象。這種反應最輕,沒有腎臟機能、生殖機能嚴重,宜聽其自然。

22 Do remember to avoid being exposed to drafts from behind the head. “An immortal fears a draft from behind its head.”

22 各位應記得,不要吹腦後風。「仙人只怕腦後風」。

23 When you are practicing quiet sitting in the open, and the wind blows from all directions, this no longer matters.

23 在曠野屋外打坐,四面有風,沒有關係。

24 However, indoors where there is no wind from any of the other three directions, because of the reactions your back may experience, you should protect it as well as the back of your head. Be sure to keep away from drafts.

24 在屋子內,三面無風的情況下,背部正在反應時,一面要保護後腦,一面要保護背,切忌吹風。

25 In truth, “cultivation of quiet sitting” is “striving within you.” Aside from enduring your body’s natural reactions, you must persevere. You must carry through to the end.

25 事實上「靜坐修持」就是「向自己奮鬥」。除了忍受身體上之自然反應外,更必須持之以恆,堅持到底。

26 The cultivation of quiet sitting is like any other training. It is mostly a learning process. On the one hand, you study a method and on the other hand, you tap the workings of qi in your body, allowing them to take place naturally.

26 靜坐修煉亦如一般訓練,重在學習。一面在學習方法,一面在生理上開發氣機,聽任氣機在體內自然發動。

27 Since each person’s constitution is different, the process of cultivation differs. Although they all share a common principle, their progress is not the same.

27 由於各人體質不同,各人修持過程有異。其修持原理雖有一定,然各人同時進展情況則未必一致。

28 Quiet sitting is one of the methods of cultivating the Dao. Once you study quiet sitting, you embark on cultivating the Dao.

28 靜坐係修道方法之一。既然學習靜坐,即是步入修道途徑。

29 This is a long journey. You are not going to get there in a single leap. It will not be effective to work by fits and starts, much less sitting for a long spell and then quitting for lack of results.

29 修道係一長程途徑。既非一蹴而幾,又不宜時輟時續,更不可坐一段時間,因無所獲而作罷。

30 To cultivate the Dao by quiet sitting, you must swallow bitterness, make your will steadfast, and not get ahead of yourself. You must persevere. Do not ask about the harvest, only keep busy with tilling. In time, you should reach a breakthrough.

30 故而靜坐修道必須能茹苦含辛,堅毅其志,按部就班,持之以恆。不問收穫,只求耕耘。久之,當可有所突破。

31 Having observed fellow strivers in the Quiet Sitting Classes, most of them study in their spare time while they hold down a job, and many of them have family burdens.

31 試觀吾輩學習靜坐同奮,多係業餘學習。本身既有工作,且又多有家庭負荷。

32 They face many trials in ordinary life and for them cultivating the Dao is an arduous task.

32 人世極為坎坷,修道又屬艱辛。

33 Along with the worldly duties they shoulder, they also make other worldly plans. In truth, they have it harder than contemplatives who dedicate themselves to the Dao.

33 今既肩負入世職責,又要作出世打算,實較專門修道之士更屬艱苦。

34 Mundane worldly toil is indeed laborious and taxing to the spirit. The prospects it offers are fame or prestige, wealth and admiration. It holds forth dazzling attractions and lurid possibilities. The greater the temptation, the deeper the pitfalls. In a single careless moment one can easily slip.

34 按入世工作誠屬勞頓傷神。其遠景或為功名利祿,或為富貴榮華,五彩繽紛,光怪陸離,誘惑既大,陷阱更深。稍一不慎,難免墜足。

35 As we carry out other worldly practices, we must maintain our worldly bearings. More than any other committed worldly seekers of the Dao, past and present, we must have a better understanding of our time and environment if we are to accomplish two things at once.

35 吾人今以入世姿態作出世功夫,必須較古往今來專門修道之士,對時代環境要有更深一層認識,才能一舉兩得。

36 So, those of us who are strivers must relish detachment from material possessions and find inner joy. In the midst of ordinary life, our mind must become detached from worldly desires.

36 因此吾輩同奮必須恬澹自甘,在塵遺塵。

37 We must be determined. Over time it will become a habit and we will find contentment in what we do.

37 必須下決心,日久成習,自可安之若素。

[36] This refers to non-virgins.
[37] When kidneys are weak, symptoms such as fatigue, headache, ringing in the ear, loss of memories, low back pain may rise and sexual activities may be compromised.