Chapter 6: Serene Quiet Sitting: A Method Which Everyone Can Learn

第六講 人人可學的靜心靜坐

1 Many people in the modern world want to learn quiet sitting [meditation]. On the one hand, technological advancements help people live an affluent and materialistic life, and with it, they have come to realize the importance of their inner spiritual lives. Thus, they start to look for ways to bring peace and happiness to their souls.

1 現代社會有許多人想學習靜坐。一方面因為科技文明發達,物質生活富裕,人們愈加感覺到內在精神生活的重要性,因此產生追尋內心心靈世界安寧快樂的想法。

2 On the other hand, some people want to learn quiet sitting to initiate their quests for healing diseases, for improving their health, and for living a long life.

2 另一方面有些人則想從學習靜坐開始,追求治病、健康、長壽之道。

3 Quiet sitting, therefore, has been gaining in popularity among people, as a spiritual exercise.

3 於是乎學習靜坐已普遍成為人們愈來愈重視的一種精神鍛煉活動。

4 The purpose of Chinese Original Quiet Sitting is not only limited to the functions of healing and improving health. Its purpose and functions are far broader and deeper than those two. I will not expound on this at this point, but will explain later.

4 中國正宗靜坐傳習之目的,不只是用來為社會大眾治病強身的。還有非常深宏遠大的目的與功用,在此暫不贅言容後說明。

5 Chinese Original Quiet Sitting is the ultimate method handed down from the highest heaven. Those who want to learn it must have righteous qi.

5 由於正宗靜坐是宇宙昊天無上的正法,一般人學習正宗靜坐,必須具有正氣。

6 After passing the preliminary interview, one also has to complete the one-hundred-day quiet-sitting training. This would be a difficult task for most ordinary people, because they may not be able to give up their busy daily activities to attend the training.

6 經過初步面試合格,且需要經過百日靜坐訓練,恐非一般人能夠放下世俗雜務而來參加。

7 To cater to the convenience of the general public, I now introduce you to Serene Quiet Sitting, a simple and easy-to-learn method. Those who are interested in learning quiet sitting can learn this technique.

7 因此為顧及大多數人的便利,在此特別介紹一種簡單易學的法門-靜心靜坐,以利社會中有心之士均能參與學習。

8 This type of quiet sitting is very easy to learn. Anyone can learn it. The main advantages of learning it include:
1) Getting rid of the causes of diseases and keeping one healthy.
2) Giving one a clear mind and the ability to think quickly.
3) Keeping one calm and having an open mind.
4) Keeping one energetic and strong in spirit, reducing stresses from daily life and increasing work efficiency.
5) Helping one cultivate righteous qi and develop life routines.
6) Cultivating one’s nature, nourishing one’s health and creating inner peace and happiness.

8 這項靜坐要領非常容易,人人均可以學會,而其學習的主要益處包括:

9 The following is the procedure of Serene Quiet Sitting:

1) Sit with the upper body erect. Plant both feet on the floor. Rest both hands on your knees. Sit comfortably on half of the chair.

2) Recite the “Twenty Watchwords” silently or whisper softly. The key is to imagine each Watchword scrolls down to the naval.

3) It takes from ten minutes to a few hours. Do what you can without forcing it.

4) When qi scrolls down to the naval, stop guiding it, just allow it to move in the body naturally. Because of the supplied righteous qi from the invisible force, the qi will heal the body from diseases and promote good health.

9 其下手方法如下:





10 The “Twenty Watchwords” constitutes our “Code of Life.” They are: Loyalty, Forgiveness, Incorruptibility, Insight, Virtue, Rectitude, Justice, Trustworthiness, Forbearance, Altruism, Philanthropy, Filial Piety, Benevolence, Compassion, Awareness, Integrity, Moderation, Truthfulness, Propriety and Harmony.

10 所謂「廿字真言」即為我們做人應遵守之「人生守則」,其內容包括:忠、恕、廉、明、德、正、義、信、忍、公、博、孝、仁、慈、覺、節、儉、真、禮、和。

11 To recite the Twenty Watchwords is to self-reflect and repent when going through them individually, and to cultivate a righteous heart so as to live properly.

11 唸廿字就是要以此廿字來正心修身反省懺悔。

12 Guiding the qi scrolling down to the naval is a technique that helps to calm oneself down.

12 意引降至臍輪,就是一種降心浮之氣的功夫。