Chapter 12: The Fundamental Method of Avoiding Nuclear Holocaust

第十二講 避免核戰浩劫的根本之道

1 Presently, many people like quiet sitting for its health-building and healing effects. There is nothing wrong with this way of thinking. However, there are distinct levels of quiet sitting.

1 現在有許多人喜歡靜坐,認為可以強身治病。這種想法,並無不對。可是靜坐有多種層次之分。

2 If you breathe air at ground level and guide the movement of qi, you will be vulnerable to fallout from nuclear explosions. Your habit of breathing exercises will not be in your best interest.

2 如果您是以地上空氣為吐納運功的話,在核戰發生時,空中散佈著放射塵,由於您已經習慣了吐納運氣,則只有百害而無一利。

3 Death in conventional warfare is the death of the physical body, but it is not absolute destruction, because the spirits of the fallen remain intact. Once their spirits are reincarnated they become living, breathing people again.

3 在傳統戰中所死掉的人,因為性靈未受傷害,只是肉體上的死亡,並不等於絕對的毀滅。性靈經過投胎轉世之後,又可以成為活生生的人了。

4 However, people who die in a nuclear war are not so fortunate. They do not have such an opportunity, because their spirits are destroyed along with their bodies. Their bodies turn instantly to ash, and their spirits vanish without a trace. This is the end. It is absolute death. Nuclear war is the holocaust that brings an end to humanity.[49]

4 可是,在核子戰爭中死掉的人,就再沒有這樣的幸運機會了,因為,性靈也同時受到了毀滅。一瞬間,肉身成了灰燼,靈魂亦消失無蹤。絕對的死亡,就是如此下場。核戰浩劫,是人類真正的毀滅末劫。

5 Why is nuclear war so terrible, that even spirit-beings are destroyed by it? We can find confirmation of this on planets where such cataclysms have already occurred. At the moment of nuclear explosion, there are three types of gigantic forces leading to death.

5 核戰何以這般厲害,又怎能使性靈也告毀滅呢?這可以從行劫過的星球得到驗證。因為在核子爆炸瞬間,同時產生三種巨大的死亡力量。

6 There is a “shock wave” many times more powerful than a hurricane, capable of leveling all buildings in the area instantly. Of course it reduces human bodies to fragments.

6 那就是比最強烈的颱風還更強烈若干倍的「爆震波」,可把地面所有建築物一瞬夷平,人身豈不頓成齍粉?

7 At the same time, there is “thermal radiation” attaining several thousand degrees Celsius, which can melt steel. How could a fleshly body survive such heat?

7 同時而至高達攝氏數千度的「熱輻射」,足以化鐵熔鋼。血肉之軀又焉能不成灰燼!

8 On top of this, there is invisible “nuclear radiation,” including various kinds of nuclear rays, and a bombardment of neutrons, which attack spiritual bodies.

8 再加上看不見摸不著的「核輻射」,內含多種放射線,伴隨著中子,奔襲靈體。

9 These three types of forces combine in a single instant. Before the victims can do anything to respond, their minds and bodies are obliterated. Their spirits have no time to emerge through the energy opening points and so they meet their end together with their bodily envelopes.

9 這三種力量,相互糾纏於一剎那間。罹難者的生理與心理,在能作任何反應之前,即已化為烏有,靈魂來不及出竅,只得陪著軀體同歸於盡。

10 Although a person may go to a well- built underground shelter to escape destruction by shock wave or radiation, there is no hiding from the most fearsome thing of all: the pernicious fallout, which drifts in the atmosphere.

10 即使有人在良好的地下防護設施裡,躲過爆震波及熱輻射的毀滅,但也難逃那大氣中隨處飄浮最為可怖放射塵的侵襲。

11 Such fallout can enter the body by many routes, whether by contact with skin, contamination of food and water, or absorption through the lungs. Radioactivity causes physical bodies to die, and it causes spiritual bodies to dissipate slowly and vanish.

11 它可以從附著皮膚、吃進飲食、吸入空氣等多條管道侵蝕人體,使你肉體死亡,靈體也慢慢也分解消失。

12 Therefore, a person who buckles down to quiet sitting earnestly, should stay away from controlled breathing and induction of qi right from the start. There is no need to guide the movement of qi through the body. When you reach a certain stage in your sitting, your spiritual body will interact with the spiritual energy in the larger sphere of heaven and earth.

12 因此,一個真正靜坐者,自始就不該用吐納或運氣,也不必用意識來導引。因為靜坐到了某種境界,靈體就會與天地間的靈氣發生作用。

13 Your spiritual energy must also be able to break through the limitations of the atmosphere. Otherwise, the danger still remains that not only will your fleshly body be harmed, but your precious spirit will be threatened as well.

13 此一靈氣,還得要更進一步的突破大氣層的限制,否則還是危險的,不但傷了肉身,還將危及寶貴的性靈。

14 Why is this so? Here are the reasons:
1) Quiet sitting is an internal exercise that is in tune with universal laws. But most people who practice quiet sitting do not understand this central idea.

14 何以如是呢?因為:

15 Most of all, they lack guidance from an enlightened master, and so their spiritual energy cannot penetrate the atmospheric blanket of radioactive fallout. They are constrained within the atmosphere, and the inevitable result is harm to the body and spirit.

15 尤其缺乏明師指導,其呼吸的靈氣,不能穿過放射塵所覆蓋的空間,滯留在大氣層內,則靈肉兩傷,是必然的結果。

16 2) Enlightened masters that can give genuine instruction in quiet sitting are extremely few on Earth.

16 ②在地球上,能真正教人打坐的明師極少。

17 This is because in order to teach others to practice quiet sitting, one must first have the following qualifications:
(1) have true cultivation, in a way that one’s spiritual force is not confined to the Earth’s atmosphere;
(2) have received heavenly assignment from the Golden Tower[50] (the energy center of the universe) to gather spiritual light from the radiant nexus, and draw it down to the human world;
(3) be able to see the development of workings of qi within the bodies of the quiet sitting practitioners.

17 因為教人打坐,必先具有:

18 From the above, we can see that in times of peace it is fine to try quiet sitting on your own, in order to cure illness or improve health. However, when nuclear holocaust is looming or has already begun, quiet sitting is utterly useless.

18 由上可知,在太平時代,若祗求袪病健身,平常無師自通地打打坐,倒也可以嘗試。可是在核劫將臨,或核戰已起,就毫無用處。

19 During such times you must find an enlightened master who is an empowered emissary with heavenly assignment, who can guide you to connect with God’s spiritual Qi. With such a teacher, your quiet sitting will fill you with joy and it will gradually build up your “immunity” to nuclear war.

19 所以您必須要找到真正的明師,能領法旨的使者,才能引度 上帝靈炁,使你因打坐而充滿喜悅,而漸次產生對核戰的「免疫」能力。

20 Nonetheless, it is imperative to say that though a meditator is guided by an enlightened master, if he cannot resolve to rescue the world, he will be unable to absorb and internalize the spiritual Qi bestowed by God. This is due to lack of communion between human beings and the heavenly sphere.

20 不過,還要說明的,打坐者即使得到明師指導,如果未能發心救世的話,雖有 上帝靈炁加持,依然不能吸收消化。這是由於天人之間的交感,不能配合的原故。

21 The purpose of quiet sitting is not only to save oneself, but to build up the awe-inspiring righteous qi from within to save others. Although, since ancient times, cartloads of people have attempted meditating, those who actually attained the Dao are as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.

21 因為靜坐的目的,不但是救自己,更要養成浩然正氣去救別人。所以自古以來,打坐者車載斗量,而證道者鳳毛麟角。

22 Additionally, some people have severe karmic obstacles that will not let them meditate right away. Instead, they must first follow a regimen of prayer and devotion. This is a method of energizing oneself by communing with heaven. It is no less helpful than quiet sitting.

22 此外,有些人,由於業障太重,不能即行打坐,就必須做好祈禱與禮拜的功課。這是一種天人交感的充電法,比起打坐,沒有遜色。

23 Chanting the Grand Orison and the Precious Orisons in the Lord of Universe Church offers an optimum form of devotion. They can bring direct results. Working with the power of one’s own intentions, they achieve a marvelous effect: the oneness of heaven and mankind.

23 在天帝教內,唸誦皇誥、寶誥,就是祈禱禮拜的最好方式,可收直接的效果。因發心的力量,達到天人一體的妙用。

24 All of the methods that I have mentioned above, whether prayer, devotions, self-examination, repentance, or quiet sitting use the non-physical righteous qi to overcome murky qi and nuclear dust. This is the fundamental method for rescuing people from holocausts and keeping away from holocausts.

24 上面所談,無論是祈禱、禮拜、反省、懺悔、靜坐,皆在以無形正氣來克服核塵濁氣的方法。此為救劫、避劫的根本之道。

25 (As for treatment of radiation sickness and radioactive contamination with medicine, this can only be partly effective. Beyond this, one can only rely on one’s own righteous qi.)

*(Let it be known, I do not deny the functions of medicine.)

25 (有關藥物防止核塵的感染與核子、病患的治療方法,頂多只有一半的效果。其餘的,就惟有依靠非其本身的正氣。)


[49] Li Yujie added to this point in a lecture at the Second Quiet Sitting Class in Los Angeles (June 1994). He stated that if spirits of deceased humans cannot escape the Earth's vicinity, they will be destroyed by the sudden surge of radiation in a nuclear blast. He remarked that human spirits are intermediate between beings in the underworld and those in heaven. In other words, humans are an important section of the "ladder of being." By destroying the spirits of human beings, a nuclear blast would break the ladder that leads from the underworld to higher levels of existence in heaven.
[50] Golden Tower is the highest authority center of the universe where God, the Lord of Heaven, resides.