Communication Between Heaven and Man

A New Path for Probing Cosmic Mysteries

Probing- TVIn 1939, while the Second World War was raging, Han-ching Lao-jen [the Venerable Vessel of Stillness] secluded himself on Hua Mountain–China’s 2,800-meter sacred peak, offering prayers through eight years to safeguard world peace. His efforts were also devoted to experiments in Heaven-man communication. He discoursed daily with the Lord’s spirit-intermediaries — immortals, Buddhas, and other sacred beings — so as to relay the Lord’s messages and intentions, which he expressed in writing accessible to humans.

Heaven-man communication in those conditions was like a person today watching televised pictures of a faraway place, with subtitles. Such projections are transmitted from Heaven to human beings using natural laws that the Lord put into effect ages ago.


From a scientific perspective, the means for contact between physical human bodies and the nonphysical spirit-realm is analogous to the principle of radio and television. Both radio and television receivers process and convert a non-physical, electromagnetic signal, through a certain channel, into a physical sound or picture.

Human thought is an electropic emanation. If thoughts are allowed to emanate haphazardly, they will project in all directions and end in nothingness; if thoughts are collected and directed toward a point (bonding force), in time they will cause an electropic response ( harmonizing force ) in the object focused upon. The two kinds of e-tropicity act together, and sympathetic force thus arises. Briefly, emanations of thought from a person are bonding force; such bonding force, if focalized on an object, will make the object exert harmonizing force in return. The mutual action of these two forces can transmit information. Utilizing the mutual effect of bonding and harmonizing forces to let humans contact the non-physical spirit realm is “Heaven-man communication”.


The six methods of Heaven-man communication in our religion are briefly as follows:

Probing - light1) Mediumship of the planchette: By means of a peach-wood planchette in the medium’s hands, the message is revealed in a tray of sand.

2) Mediumship of light: Messages from the spirit realm appear on a “screen of light” (a cloth), and are then revealed by a medium who discerns the light and copies them down.

3) Mediumship of the pen: Messages from the spirit realm are transmitted into the medium’s brain and, being converted there to human language, are revealed through the written word.

4) Mediumship of sound: A broadcast to the medium from the spirit realm, the exact principle where of awaits proof.

5) Cosmic ch’i healing: Sympathetic force arises from the heartfelt pleas of healer and sufferer, drawing on cosmic ch’i from the spirit realm to cure illness.

6) Quiet contemplation: Direct communion with the spirit realm by one’s own efforts is a sort of “immediate enlightenment”. To experience it for oneself requires profound practice in quiet meditation.

Persons aspiring to attainment in these techniques of Heaven-man communication need to look to our Church for rigorous training and monitoring, as well as to their own personal practice.


The single aim of all efforts in science, philosophy and religion is delving into the truth. Our religion hopes, by the path of Heaven-man communication, to achieve these two purposes:

1)Raise people’s knowledge of spirit and morality; through interchange of humans with the spirit realm understand the ultimate meaning and value of human life; cast out violence and bloodlust, and free the earth from war forever.

2)Guide science from materialism toward a view of mind and matter as unity with dual function; actively advance toward space, so that intelligent lives on all planets of the universe may communicate freely and establish interstellar civilization.

As Heaven-man communication becomes daily more frequent, truth will grow daily more apparent. Once mankind’s distance from the non-physical cosmos is lessened, the ideal of unity between Heaven and man will not be far in the future!