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Introduction to The Lord Of Universe Church
The religious founder to whom The Lord Of Universe Church give homage is the Lord of Heaven[T'ienti], the Supreme Ruler of the universe, of whom ancient Chinese said, "Purify mind and body to serve the Lord on High". This is none other than God, in whom Western people hold common belief. ....[More]
Entering the epochal stage of Nascence
[ Shouxi's Talks on the Dao ] Our Honored Master led our striving in this world for fourteen years, and during that time he gave us guidance about the stages of Onset, Clearing, and Nascence as they relate to ideas of rescue from apocalypse. Now we are entering the epochal stage of Nascence, and since Tiandi Jiao is a religion which presides over Nascence, we need a full understanding of this stage. ...[More]
Prayer against Violence in the Time of Heavenly Amnesty
Benevolent Lord! Please listen to our pleas for the ending of violent strife. ....[More]
Are You with the Lord?
[ Voice of a Striver's Heart ] Some time ago I tried my hand at writing an article about an admirable elder. Later a friend told me that this elder was shocked to read my article. He had not expected me to portray him so deeply on the basis of our limited acquaintance. When I heard this ....[More]
Now That We've Been Given Heavenly Amnesty
[ Voice of a Striver's Heart ] "Around the time the Heavenly Amnesty List was announced, I sensed that someone was reminding me: "You need to cast off errors." Sometimes I would repent, thinking over things I had done. Even in my dreams I felt someone was scolding me, and upon awakening .... [More]
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