An Expedient Means: Serene Quiet Sitting

Because Chinese Original Quiet Sitting is the supreme intuitive method of the universe’s highest heaven, it is not practiced only to cure illness and promote a long, healthy life; its aim and function are profound and far-reaching–the union of Heaven and mankind. To study Chinese Original Quiet Sitting in our religion, fellow-strivers must possess righteous ch’i and a striving spirit. After passing an initial interview, they undergo one hundred days of training in quiet sitting. Ordinary people could probably not put aside the miscellaneous affairs of worldly life to participate. Therefore, to suit the needs of most people, we are introducing an expedient means which is simple and easily learned: “Serene Quiet Sitting”. This will benefit all persons in society who are so motivated, so they may participate and study. This type of quiet sitting is quite easy to grasp: everyone can master it.

These are the main benefits of study:

  1. Freedom from illness; bodily health
  2. Clear-headedness; mental acuity
  3. Emotional stability; broad mental horizons
  4. Glowing spirits; vitality to spare; relief from daily stress; increasing work effectiveness
  5. Nurture perfect ch’i; follow regular living habits
  6. Cultivation of self-nature; creating inner joy and tranquility.