Curative Effects of Cosmic Ch’i Healing

Chil Healing DiagramHuman beings’ body, mind and Spirit-consciousness all intimately connected and interdependent. Aside from external agents such as air and water pollution, viruses, and virulent bacteria, pathogenesis can also be traced to prolonged stress and anxiety leading to imbalance in internal secretions, and in turn giving rise to physical diseases or what psychiatry calls psychosomatic ailments. Also, mysterious influences from spirit-consciousness through reincarnation can lead to various conditions of mind-body imbalance.

The “energy of the universe” applied in cosmic ch’i healing is the righteous, perfect ch’i in the universe. Its curative properties encompass the body, mind, and spirit-consciousness. To the sufferer’s mind and spirit-consciousness it brings tranquility and well-being. Physiologically it can activate and strengthen the functions of various tissues and organs. It casts out yin and turbid ch’i, hastening progress toward recovery. If the sufferer can accept the Twenty Words of Truth as precepts for human conduct and affairs, the curative effect will be all the greater. This is because recitation of the Twenty Words can not only draw forth cosmic energy, but also purify the sufferer’s spirit and mind. A nexus of perfect ch’i is thereby formed, which responds and resonates to cosmic energy, and thoroughly improves one’s bodily makeup. In terms of the human body, cosmic ch’i healing is a means of complete regulation.

However, it is of no avail with the following categories of people:

  1. Those who lack motivation to nurture perfect ch’i;
  2. Those who ask for treatment but lack sincerity;
  3. Those whose allotted span is at an end.