CHAPTER VIII : Relative Truths

第八章 相對的真理

  Applying the above views on harmony and disorder more broadly, it is clear that the universe’s laws are relative. Relativity of truth is a thread of ideas running through this book. Precisely because they are relative and dialectical, it is necessary to strive harder for harmony among them. Only thus can we hold to Heaven’s Way while fulfilling human ties. Errors toward one side or the other become sources of all disorder. Heavenly principles are thereby obscured; mind and matter are turned upside down; humans dwell in bitter wretchedness. Thus nature is ruthless; there is no way of overcoming it unless Heaven and mankind work together to reach the je-chun of returning a myriad differences to oneness. What follows are central principles of this book, arranged for comparison with views people have held earlier. This may help us see past delusions that hide the true state of the universe, and show a path for further inquiry and creation:


Universal dynamism-Universal gravitation
Spiral force-Attraction force
Bonding force-Harmonizing force
Attraction of opposites-Like attracts like
Revolving of Heaven and Earth-Stillness of Heaven, Movement of Earth
Dynamism and harmony-Stasis and e-tropicity
All creatures possess spirit-Only man possesses spirit
Equality of sacred and mundane-Only spirits are exalted
The Third Theory of Godhood-The Second Theory of Godhood
God harmonizes Nature and matter-God creates Heaven and earth
Deities regulate spirits only-Deities control everything
Strive toward Heaven-Struggle among persons
Hold onto the harmonon-Expend bodily energy
Water is the wellspring of the cosmos-Fire is the wellspring of the cosmos

  旋  力—吸  力
  親  力—和  力
  異  力—同  力
  動  和—靜  電
  奮  鬥—疲  痺
  鐳   —丹
  和   —亂