CHAPTER VII : Harmony and Disorder

第七章 和與亂

  Thousands of streams return to a single source. The truth about Heavenly principle in this cosmos can bee seen from the single word “harmony”. On a large scale, a spiral harmony system that lacks harmony in its workings will turn to chaos. If matter and Nature lack harmony, they will have no life force. In terms of the small, if the e-tropons and harmonons in living persons do not find harmony, those persons will die. If responsive feelings in humans lack harmony, antagonism will arise. If the social order lacks harmony, there will be turmoil. If there is lack of harmony among nations, warfare will arise. Extending this more broadly, when science and philosophy lack harmony, there will be no truth. If morality and knowledge lack harmony, there will not be peace. If Heaven and mankind do not have harmony, there can be no great unity. Thus the foundation of Heaven and Earth, the Tao of sacred and mundane, the root of nation-building are all found in harmony. Disorder is the contrary of harmony.


  ”Disorder” implies pessimistic agitation–an irrational, tumultuous, life-denying, anarchic state. It is negatively compulsive, wasteful of resources. It is the physical desire that inflicts wounds on itself, a skewing of Heaven’s Way, an upending of human life, the spirit’s bondage to reincarnation. Therefore disorder is the worry of Heaven and Earth, the bitterness in human life.


  What is past is past. From now on humans can only intensify their striving, grasp hold of the truth, spurn disorder and go back to righteousness (harmony) in order to save themselves and their world. This is the only choice to avoid an epoch-ending calamity, with all its attendant misery, and to make great unity come about.


  Here are some opposing aspects of “harmony” and “disorder”:


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