Preface to the English-Chinese Edition of Chinese Original Quiet Sitting


Chinese Original Quiet Sitting has been one of the must-reads to those who study and practice Chinese Original Quiet Sitting since it was first published in 1991.


Due to the stress created by the rapid pace of modern-day living people are looking for ways to help them cope with the increased pressures. Meditation, such as quiet sitting in its various forms, has been gradually gaining in popularity in the Western world, and Western medicine has also proven it to be beneficial to good health.


Until now the teachings of Master Teacher Li have been followed mostly by Chinese readers. It is our intent that this translation will enable English readers to have an in-depth understanding of meditation [quiet sitting] and embrace his teachings so they, too, may follow his footsteps on the path to cultivating the Dao and saving the world.


In order to improve the fluency and synchronicity of the English translation, minor editing changes in the Chinese version were made.


October 7, 2015