Chapter 2: Tempering of the Spirit

第二講 精神之鍛煉

1 Since ancient times, religious believers have long grappled with a difficult mystery. That is, how to hang on, while in our body, to the endless work of tempering the three treasures: “jing”, “qi” and “shen.”[15]

1 古往今來,宗教家所認為傳統的疑難神秘,即是如何把握現實軀體,自強不息的鍛煉「精」、「氣」、「神」三寶。

2 What should the path of such tempering be? It lies in purifying the heart [mind] and reducing desires. It lies in ‘Settling, Quietude, Tranquility, Reflection and Attainment,’ by which one can reach the wondrous stage of perfection. This is how to find, throughout one’s lifetime, the way “home,” so that life can become eternal and shared with the universe.

2 鍛煉之道為何?在於清心寡欲,定、靜、安、慮、得,而達於至善妙境,以求生命之歸途,俾得永生共生。

3 As mentioned in the previous chapter, such a secretly-transmitted spiritual practice, a self-cultivation and self-creation, which starts with matter and returns to nature, is what Daoists call “quiet contemplation.” Buddhists call it “practicing Chan meditation [aka Zen meditation].” Most Chinese people know it as “sitting meditation.”

3 正如前講所述,此種自修自創,由物質而返自然的休養秘傳功夫,道家謂之「靜參」,佛家謂之「參禪」,亦即世俗共知的所謂打坐。

4 Getting at its source, it is the study of self-nature and of life process. However, in our world, the ones who understand its true significance, who steadfastly devote themselves to practice and press forward with diligence, are truly rare.

4 究其本源,性命之學而已。但舉世能明瞭此中真諦,而有恆心、有毅力堅苦進修力行不輟者,實不多見。

5 Most people cannot get a thorough grasping of the principles by which matter ‘fits’ into nature, nor can they utilize the great way that leads back to the source. Thus, they cannot become interested and do not keep up their practice.

5 蓋未能徹底了解自然與物質相配之原理,與夫如何運用返本還原之大道。是以不感興趣,無恆修行。

6 Here I will reveal my actual experience over several decades, and attempt to elucidate the truth of it. My analysis proceeds from stage to stage, with clear and simple explanations, and is offered for verification by persons of understanding.

6 茲將數十年之實地經驗與個中真相略為闡發。依次分析,淺顯說明,以資高明者之參證:

7 (1) Beginning with Fundamentals: To do quiet sitting meditation, one must reduce one’s desires and purify one’s heart and does not fixate on self or any other people.

7 一、初學基本智識-靜坐必須清心寡欲,無人無我,

8 One should sweep away every last delusive thought and vulgar consideration and enter into a trance, going along with nature’s workings, and being in unison with the heavenly body.

8 一切妄想俗慮概行掃除盡淨。渾渾噩噩,順其自然之運行,以合天體。

9 At this time the bonding force will strengthen and etropic light will radiate through the body, resulting in feeling carefree and at ease, arriving soon at a state of lively possibility: knowing but seemingly not knowing, aware but seemingly not aware.

9 此時親力增強,電光透發,瀟洒自如。便到似知不知,似覺不覺的活潑境界。

10 When going against the natural flow of things, obstacles will arise, as when fixating, however slightly, on a form, or when subconsciously imposing a direction.

10 若稍加著相,或潛意識的導引,便生障礙,即違自然。

11 (2) The Qi Embryo: That which makes up your “jing” is neither light nor dark, partaking of both yin and yang [half yin and half yang essence]. It is the purest yin essence from yin and yang etropons.[16]

11 二、氣胎-「精」之成分為非白非青、半陰半陽之質,是陰陽電子中的至陰精粹。

12 “Qi” is an ultra-yang heat flow, which is produced after high-level etropic substance from the harmonon blends with bodies of static etropicity.

12 「氣」為和子中一種高等電質,與靜電軀體交流後所發生的至陽熱流。

13 Thus, the circulation through the body of jing and qi expels the ultra yin etropic impurities (yin qi). These are blended and circulated naturally, using qi to draw forth jing, and using blood to move qi.

13 是故,精氣的運行在排去人身中的至陰之電渣(陰氣),自然交流運轉,用氣引精,用血行氣。

14 The process moves through all the acupressure points, and it penetrates throughout the body.

14 通關過節,貫通週身。

15 Thus the yang etropic substance (qi) draws forth yin etropic essence (jing) and transports it everywhere in the body. A blending process is thus initiated, causing opposing forces to embrace and interfuse.

15 即是陽電子(氣)來引陰電精(精)輸運全體,發動交流,抱合激盪。

16 After building up through many etropic conjunctions, with persistence over time and a renewed beginning at each cycle, a Qi Embryo will be formed naturally.

16 經過多數的電化湊合,久而不懈,循行復始,自然凝聚成為一種氣胎。

17 And because it has established a certain cyclical pattern, the normal circulation of qi-and-blood[17] will also lend itself to this formation.

17 蓋因其已成為一定的循行常規,故此平時氣血流行,亦復如是。

18 This practice is what Daoist cultivation manuals call “seizing the dragon” and “taming the tiger,” or “drawing out the lead and mixing the mercury.” It is also the stage of refining jing into qi.

18 此即丹經所謂「擒龍」「伏虎」、「抽鉛調汞」的功夫,亦即煉精化氣的時期。

19 In most Daoist scriptures there is an excess of abstract terms related to jing and qi, so I have sorted them out and analyzed them as follows:

19 一般丹經關於精氣一類抽象名詞過多,爰特整理分析如次:

20 Jing is also referred to as tiger, lead, water, kan [water trigram], jade rabbit, maiden, mu-mu [the female essence of wood], yin, and etropic essence.

20 精-也叫虎,鉛,水,坎,玉兔,姹女,木母,陰,電精

21 Qi is also referred to as dragon, mercury, fire, li [fire trigram], jin-wu [gold crow], infant, jin-gong [the masculine essence of metal], yang, and etropic substance.

21 氣-也叫龍,汞,火,離,金烏,嬰兒,金公,陽,電質

22 (3) The Etropon Embryo: The workings of the Qi Embryo are driven by interplay between etropic substance and etropic essence, each drawing forth the other.

22 三、電胎-氣胎的運轉,全憑電質電精的運轉循環。

23 Once they come in contact with each other they blend, not too quickly and not too slowly, and the yin qi [murky qi] gradually diminishes as yang qi becomes pure and turns into an Etropon Embryo.

23 互相磨擦,自然交融,不急不緩,陰氣漸消,逐步化成電胎。

24 At that time one’s intentions are pure and without any thoughts. Once complete stillness is reached, the workings of qi begin to move naturally. Breathing becomes effortless and very slow and leads to a blissful feeling.

24 同時心意純一,靜極生動,斂神伏息。

25 This draws [the innate] Qi from the vast space, to join in a harmonious interchange. Only then can true water constantly rise and can true fire constantly descend.

25 引得太空之炁調濟親和,始能真水常升,真火常降。

26 Qi and qi intertwine, rising and falling in a cycle. Attunement is constant at the center, and non-being is transformed into being.

26 氣炁絪縕,循環升降。常濟於中,由無化有。

27 Yet the profound heart of this mystery cannot be described with words. It must be verified by one’s own practice. One can only find realization and enlightenment on one’s own.

27 唯此個中密奧,不可以言語形容。必須躬親體驗,自覺自悟耳。

28 (4) The Embryo of Innate Qi (also known as the Embryo of Sainthood): An analysis shows the presence of raynon [18] among the elements of an Embryo of Innate Qi, as in Buddhist sariras and Daoist golden elixir.

28 四、炁胎(聖胎)-炁胎結構要素,即如佛家的舍利、道家的金丹,分析化驗其中皆有鐳質。

29 Due to mutual attraction of the Etropon Embryo and the Qi from vast space, a transformation ensues.

29 蓋電胎與大空之炁相引而行,即起變化。

30 This is because the innate Qi from vast space contains thermal energy and highly yang etropicity [etropic charge]. The Etropon Embryo, which is formed from within, also contains thermal energy and etropicity.

30 此因大空之炁內含有熱性與多陽電性,而本身所化電胎之內亦含熱性與電性。

31 But this etropicity, when juxtaposed with the highly yang etropicity, drops down to become yin essence. The two opposite charges attract and have impact on one another to produce heat. This causes the mass to seethe and turn into Qi-containing raynon.

31 然此電性與多陽電性相合,即復變降而為陰質。二性異引相交磨擦,由熱化沸,由沸化炁,即含鐳質。

32 This raynon condenses into granules, which are clustered at the ‘dantian’ [alchemical field, below the navel]. This will become the Embryo of Innate Qi, also called the Embryo of Sainthood.

32 由此鐳質凝為多數小丸聚於丹田成為炁胎,亦曰聖胎。

33 When this Innate Qi Embryo first coalesces and takes form, it is still weak. Its composition still includes a small amount of etropic substance, and it is still static. It cannot fully function.

33 唯此炁胎自凝結成形之後,力量尚覺孱弱。因其本體尚含有少數電質仍為靜態,不能健全發生作用。

34 Thus it needs regular incubation to expel its etropic substance, make it refine into pure yang, and help it mature as an Innate Qi Embryo.

34 故須時加溫養,以排其電質,使其成為純陽,助長形成炁胎的發育。

35 The raynon possesses inherent attracting force and adamantine intensity. There is nothing it cannot transform with its pure, uplifting and rapid influence.

35 但此鐳質本身含具引力及一種剛中之銳炁。無所不化,輕清上昇,速度迅疾。

36 It continues to attract and join up with the innate Qi from vast space. The two react to form a raynon body, wondrously transformed in physical form and in spirit.

36 繼續引來大空之間的大炁與之配合。雙方立起作用化成鐳體,形神俱妙。

37 Once a person achieves a spiritual breakthrough into this stage his shen will ascend from the roof of the skull. He can choose to hold it in or release it, or to let it come and go as he pleases.

37 一旦豁然貫通,即從泥丸沖舉而出。收縱在我,來去自如。

38 Daoists call this the “birthing of yang spirit.” Buddhists call it “seeing into one’s original nature.”

38 道家則曰「陽神出胎」。佛家則約「明心見性」。

39 This is the appearance of the true self (second self), a transformation of one’s original bodily frame engendered by qi and the innate Qi.

39 此乃真我(二我)之出現,亦即原來軀體氣炁孕育之化身。

40 From this point on, one works to refine spirit back to the source and to consume oneself with true fire. The fleshly body falls away and the true self endures. This is the power of raynon, the marvel of matter returning to nature.

40 從茲煉神還虛,真火自焚,瓦解肉體,真我常存。乃鐳之威力,亦為由物質而返自然之妙用。

41 (5) The Raynon Embryo: A Raynon Embryo is a concentration of the universe’s great moving force and energy. It is attained by further cultivation of the Embryo of Sainthood [the Embryo of Innate Qi].

41 五、鐳胎-鐳胎為宇宙大動力與大能源之結集,須由聖胎再修煉而成。

42 In any instance where the radiation of etropic force reaches an extremely high energy level, the etropons will undergo intense excitation and become radioactive.

42 大凡電力的發射至極大能量時,電子本身會受到激烈振盪,成為放射線體。

43 This is what is referred to as a thermonuclear reaction, and what Daoist alchemy calls “incubation.” This is the further refining and purification of small raynon granules. When the raynon reaches a certain point, it condenses to form an Embryo of Sainthood.

43 即是所謂熱核反應。道家煉丹謂「溫養」,便是鐳質小丸之再煉精、再純化,到達一定程度結成聖胎。

44 Embryo of Sainthood is like the body’s generating plant. It can store or emit energy.

44 此聖胎,好比是人身之發電廠。可以儲存能量,亦可以發射能量。

45 If we continue to develop this “generating plant,” it will transform from a hydro-electric generating plant to a nuclear-powered generating plant.

45 但是若不斷開發此發電廠,則可以進一步由水力發電變成核能發電廠。

46 Henceforth, the body will have a Raynon Embryo, which functions as a nuclear-powered generating plant.

46 於是人身便有一具核子發電廠功能之鐳胎。

47 Thus, a Raynon Embryo comes from an Embryo of Sainthood (which is able to control large quantities of etropicity and small portions of raynon emanations), through the continuous impact of etropic forces. All its yin etropons are expelled, and a thermonuclear reaction (contains only raynon) takes place by fusion among its yang etropons. It becomes a core control device much like in a nuclear reactor.

47 故鐳胎是由聖胎(可以控制大電量與小部份鐳質放射)經過不斷電力衝擊,排除一切陰電子,進而陽電子之間熔合產生核熱反應(完全是鐳質),成為核子反應爐相似之收發控制器。

48 With continued tempering, a Raynon Embryo will continue to expand its scope endlessly, and its radioactive force will be hard to control.

48 鐳胎若再繼續鍛煉,範圍不斷擴張,其放射能將難控制。

49 It will be necessary to enter a certain location, belonging to the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, for further cultivation. There, certain elements will be used to protect and regulate the process. In this manner, the manifestation of the highest potentialities of the universe is attained.

49 必須進入宇宙主宰之一定場所修煉,配合特種元素加以保護與調和,以成就化生宇宙間最高級之性能。

50 (6) Dual Cultivation of Self- Nature and Physical Body: In the process of achieving each of these stages, i.e., the Qi Embryo, the Etropon Embryo, the Embryo of Innate Qi [Embryo of Sainthood], and the Raynon Embryo, a foundation must be laid by the dual cultivation of self-nature and physical body.

50 六、性命雙修-凡此氣胎、電胎、炁胎、鐳胎之成就過程,必須性命雙修以奠其基。

51 Self-nature is innate. It is shen and it is of harmonon. Physical body is acquired. It is jing and qi, and it is of etropons.

51 性者先天也,神也,和子也。命者,後天也,精氣也,電子也。

52 While moving from the non-physical to the physical, the nature within human body must match up with the nature of the universe.

52 由無形而至有形,[人身之小]自然與[大]自然必須適切配合。

53 When the harmonons and etropons reach a relatively high energy threshold, the current flesh form is still maintained, reaching the stage of anthro-celestial union can thus be achieved. Only then can the constraints of nature be overcome.

53 和子與電子達到相當熱準,把握現實,天人合一,方可徹底征服自然。

54 Moving from the physical to the non-physical, we need to return matter to nature, to see through life and death, and to cultivate self-nature and physical body altogether. Only then can we attain equality of the sacred and mundane.

54 由有形而至無形,及要運用物質而返自然,勘透生死,性命雙修,始能進到聖凡平等。

55 That is why the ideas of self-nature and physical body are like two interlocked jade bracelets. And that is why we say that “form is none other than emptiness, emptiness is none other than form.” Make the real empty, and make the empty real.

55 是故性命之說,如玉連環分解不開。所謂「色即是空,空即是色」。實者虛之,虛者實之。

56 Having been born with self-nature, one should refine it. Having been born with physical body, one should temper it. Do not encumber the non-physical with the physical. Out of nothing, the highest something will certainly come.

56 自家有性,自去養性;自家有命,自去立命。不以有形累無形,必然無中生至有。

57 At present, people do not value self-nature and their physical bodies. They waste their spirit and etropons. Thus they die quickly and resign themselves to fate.

57 今人不貴性命,浪費精神,消耗電子。是以速死而諉諸大數。

58 They don’t realize that in order to reach the ultimate goal of life and find the way ‘home,’ they need to strive within themselves, to cultivate righteous qi and to temper their mind and body.

58 不知人生究竟,生命歸途,需要向自己奮鬥,培養正氣,鍛煉身心。

59 They should make the best use of their jing, qi and shen, by blending and refining them. Quiet sitting should be done at regular intervals, in order to circulate qi-and-blood and to allow the flow of etropicity and jing to interchange.

59 善用本身精氣神混合化煉,按時靜坐,運行氣血,電精交流。

60 With persistence yin qi can be expelled and impure inclusions can be freed up, making the pure rise and the impure sink.

60 持久不輟便能排除陰氣,疏通瘀濁,使之清者上昇,濁者下降。

61 Once the yin and murky [gloomy] qi are eliminated, illness could be kept away naturally, and one’s life span could be extended. The body will be filled with vital harmony, enabling the person to reverse aging and recover youthfulness.

61 陰濁袪除,自然袪病延年。陽和充溢,當可返老還童。

62 This already marks the transition from the stage of the “Etropon Embryo” to the “Embryo of Innate Qi [the Embryo of Sainthood].” The person glows from within as the workings of his spirit are renewed and his wisdom encompasses all sides. The fundamental practice of self- cultivation and self-creation is by now assured.

62 斯時已由「電胎」進入「炁胎」階段,靈機煥發,智慧圓明。自修自創之基本功夫於此大定。

63 Through this, one can help oneself, and then others, and be responsive and serene. Once the true self is attained, one finds eternal life, which is shared with the universe.

63 更能自度度人,常應常靜。一得真我,永生共生。

64 “Spirit intermediaries” are able to transcend and not be controlled by natural laws, because of their attainments in spiritual practice while in flesh form.

64 「神媒」之所以能具有超制自然律之功能,亦無非生前修持所得之結果而已。

[15] Jing, qi and shen cannot be seen in the body, and they are hard to define. Compared to the physical side of the universe, jing can be likened to the heat of the living body; qi can be likened to force and shen can be likened to light.
[16] All active phenomena in the universe take place in space, defined by the unified combination of countless numbers of harmonons and etropons. Harmonons, ruled by the law that opposites attract, move into and out of any objects. Etropons, due to the law of like attracting like, become aggregated into passive, static objects. (from A New Realm)
[17] Qi-and-blood: referring to the substances, energy and information that circulate throughout the body. The tangible, visible part, the blood, is yin. The intangible portion, the qi, the non-visible energy is yang.
[18] God possesses special raynon force that regulates etropicity. That is to say, God, as the Supreme Ruler who maintains natural laws of the universe, possesses infinite capability to bestow thermal energy and light on every solar system and in the same way maintains uninterrupted generation of all of the universe's harmonons, its spirit beings. (from A New Realm)