The Scope of “Heavenly Amnesty” and “Cleansing Hell” Is Formidable

from Patriarch Ji of Nanping:
God our Hierarch in his compassion has taken pity on Presiding Emissary Wei-sheng, because of his tireless work and his sense of duty toward the Lord’s teachings. The Lord has given approval to the “Year of Amnesty” and “Clearing Hell.” Let me say something about the vast scope of these two initiatives.
a. Heavenly Amnesty will embrace myriads of spirit-beings: all alike will be moistened by dharma-dew, all alike will receive Heaven’s mercy. Beings throughout our solar system will undergo the Lord’s transformation, which in itself is amnesty.
b. The apocalypse, with its ravages to body and spirit, is imminent. But if natural laws of existence are thrown out of order, it could happen that some spirit-beings will be totally destroyed in an instant. It will be hard to restore them. The effect will be even broader and more intense than an apocalypse.
c. If the heavenly bodies are thrown out of balance, causing a chain reaction, the effect may spread from our solar system to other star systems, with major consequences. It is necessary to proceed with caution.