Cleansing Hell Requires a Mandate and a Resolve to Risk Obliteration of Body and Spirit

from Sir Tai-xu:

Presiding Emissary Wei-sheng has submitted a document to God our Hierarch, requesting that the “cleansing and clearing” of Hell be implemented during the All-Souls Lung-Hua Assembly in the year 2000, to carry on the One CH’I Progenitor’s vow to save spirits. It is an important matter in the Heaven, Human, and Nether Domains.

At this juncture when “Heaven is full, humankind is full, and the earth is full” [of accumulated karma], the planet earth is nearing apocalypse. Wei-sheng, by his deep compassionate vows, exerts himself to follow the One CH’I Progenitor’s pattern. His words from the heart strike a chord in immortals and humans alike. But since the sages of the major religions went to earth, though many humans have made such vows, few can meet the conditions and carry them out! Those who make this great vow must be resolved to give in body and spirit, and to risk obliteration of body and spirit. What is more, they need to receive a heavenly mandate. Otherwise, if they recklessly proceed to open the gates of Hell without true means to save the denizens therein, this will be treated as an offense by Heaven.