Concentrate Righteous Ch’i into a Torch that Will Illuminate Spirit-Beings

from the First Presiding Emissary:

Before Wu-Sheng Holy Mother’s birthday in the year 2000, Presiding Emissary Wei-sheng called strivers at Lei-li-a Retreat Center to a morning assembly, where he discussed the Year of Heavenly Amnesty. Up here in the non-physical realm, I took part from start to finish.
Presiding Emissary Wei-sheng reviewed the background and gave clear presentations on the Year of Heavenly Amnesty and the “cleansing of Hell.” His compassion tied together the Heavenly, Human and Nether Domains. Wishing to benefit multitudes of spirit-beings, he revealed his true feelings. He revealed his Heavenly mind!

As Presider Wei-sheng said, the Year of Heavenly Amnesty and “cleansing Hell” are God’s mercy. In the human world, this takes the form of strivers in T’ienti Chiao who toil at their rescue-bringing mission. Their ceaseless striving allows a crack of daylight from God’s true Tao to reach our human world. A multitude of benighted beings follow this golden road upward. They find a resting place for body, mind, and spirit; they elevate body, mind, and spirit. This is the fruit from twenty years of unbroken striving, in the human world, by members of T’ienti Chiao. God our Hierarch has kindly taken notice and approved this request for the “Year of Heavenly Amnesty” and “cleansing Hell.” Strivers in the Church should apply themselves to understanding the meaning of “Amnesty” and “cleansing.” May they energize themselves to keep striving, so the righteous ch’i of all strivers will coalesce into a never-to-be extinguished torch of spirit. It will shine on the human world, giving succor to spirit-beings who thirst for light.

I take this chance to re-emphasize, “Heavenly Amnesty” is grounded in “pardoning self” and “pardoning others.” First take care of unburdening your body, mind, and spirit. Cast out your selfish mentality; begin with reflection and repentance. Make one change every day, and look searchingly at yourself. Your engendering spirit will come and work a transformation. Your thoughts will be washed clean; blessings will inspire your heart; your worldly mind will gradually metamorphose into the Tao-mind. To this add the daily realizations from a striver’s cardinal disciplines, and make sure you remember to “pardon others.” Heavenly amnesty will emerge from these things.

I am glad to see that The Lord of Universe Church has kept its stability while growing. The whole assembly of strivers is making good use of this Church’s special innate resources. They are joined to fulfil the great unprecedented Tao-merit of Heavenly amnesty and cleansing Hell.