The Presider’s Compassion Gives Him a Mind-to-Mind Link with Our Teacher

from the First Presiding Emissary:

Wei-sheng, you accepted your heavenly mandate and succeeded me as Second Presiding Emissary. You have re-stabilized the foundation of The Lord Of Universe Church, for their further continuation. Today you knelt before God our Hierarch and weepingly conveyed your wish. My master the One CH’I Progenitor kindly stepped forward and stated: Wei-sheng is following in my footsteps. It is my responsibility to explain the gravity of this action.

Myself and the Lady Master are also responsible for giving you guidance. Your heartfelt words have stirred up a discussion among the immortals here in Heaven. I also wish to transform the multitudes of spirit-beings. But I speak honestly: you need only be steadfast in your duties and persevere in your position. Without forced action, Nature strikes its own balance between depletion and replenishment. Such is the interplay among Heaven, mankind, and earth; such is the interplay among the Three Domains. Life creates new life on all levels, under regulation of raynon from God our Hierarch. Each kalpa is the cause of the next, so there is good reason for things to be as they are.

Wei-sheng, your compassionate nature is welling up. I have been in contact with your thoughts for a long time; what you think reaches me; our hearts are linked together. I know your inner suffering. Your trials in the Tao will accomplish merit in the Tao. Your will is being tempered by a thousand blows. I can take comfort in this.