The Holy Countenance Was Greatly Moved by the Presider’s Request to Cleanse Purgatory

from the One CH’I Progenitor:

Having been relegated to serve as Sovereign of the Nether Domain, I am deeply aware that “cleansing Hell” is a major matter. Doing this will shake the three domains. Years ago I grew discouraged at the difficulty of converting human hearts, so I vowed to save disembodied spirits. I burned the Black Ledger of the Apocalypse. But this lead to even crueler catastrophe, which I never could have expected. The presiding emissary of T’ienti Teachings is the Lord’s spokesman on earth. This is a formidable mandate!

When Presider Wei-sheng offered up his document, expressing his wish to “cleanse and clear Hell,” I could see the Holy Countenance was quite moved. Knowing that Wei-sheng may have taken a cue from my past actions makes me uneasy. The Hierarch’s warm answer was as follows: As leader of the T’iente Faith, you did your utmost to purify human hearts. Though you were banished to the Nether Domain, as the code requires, this was actually a reward for selflessly giving of your spirit and flesh. The power of your vows has reminded many worldlings to turn back from wayward paths. Presiding Emissary Wei-sheng has benefited from your teaching. From the First Presiding Emissary he has received guidance in mind, word, and body. The two of you are fine subjects who obediently took worldly birth. You took the karma of living things as your karma; you took the aspiration of living things as your own aspiration, never considering your own life and death. In all of this you gave of your own spirit and flesh. Now the written request submitted by Wei-sheng today truly follows in both of your footsteps!

Note 1: In 1938 during a dharma-assembly held at on Mt. Huang, Master Hsiao Chang-ming’s soul ascended to the non-physical realm and destroyed the Black Ledger to prevent catastrophic deaths ordained for people on earth. This provoked a backlash from demons overseeing the Apocalypse, and they re-doubled their disastrous workings. Hsiao Chang-ming fell ill after the dharma-assembly, and soon passed away.. [Hsiao Chang-ming was the spiritual teacher to Lee Yu-chieh, First Presiding Emissary of The Lord of Universe Church. As an immortal, Hsiao’s is called the One CH’I Progenitor.]